Google plans to thunder, little rain, the eu split

long-held Europe in the field of search engine technology giant Google being targeted, the European parliament for the recent vote split “Google”, the result is 384 votes in favor, 174 votes against and 56 abstentions, this not only is the commercial competition, and Europe and the United States of collisions on both sides in the political, but more remains to be seen what action in Europe.

many European elites are hoping to break up the Google. Google this is known as the search engine giant of science and technology, also offers many other products sales and services, so they think that if Google want to promote their products is not a difficult task, even if the break up will not cause too big effect. But some authoritative experts and scholars think that the possibility of a split occurred is too small, they will break up is called the “nuclear option”, because the move for Google to have deeper meaning, more than corporate scandals.

eu regulators for an antitrust investigation of Google since November 2009, investigating the main content is to Google in the search results bias in favor of its own services (Google Shopping, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.). In the year to may, the European commission has basically completed the “Google search” bias in favor of its own application is the determination of abuse of dominant market position. From 2013 to 2014, Google four-wheel settlement Suggestions are submitted to the commission, but has been unable to satisfy the eu, in September this year the European Union antitrust commissioner, Joaquin Almunia has rejected Google suggest the final round of reconciliation.

the European parliament in late October at the European parliament called for Internet companies do not use its search engine labeled as “commercial properties”, though there is no clear point out what are the company, but obviously the move is aimed at Google, after all, Google search engine position no one can shake in Europe, the market share of about 90%.

the non-binding resolution is not legally binding, but still to the European commission has a clear message: although nearly four years of negotiations (for Google to antitrust) failed to carry out the solution, but at least now began to take action. The company (Google) has been accused of unfair competition, including deliberately competitors relevant search results and service in the on position. This time the action show to “ban caused by the Internet search company, unfair competition in the market”.

the newly elected European Union antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, issued a statement in November, will need some time to review, don’t like her previous commissioner, Joaquin Almunia public shows that attitude, she will take place in a prudent attitude, can communicate with those opponents before further action.

so now situation how? Before the U.S. justice department antitrust lawyer David Balto said: “it seems most likely to happen, is the continuation of Almunia has set up a concept of resolution before leaving office.” Before leaving office Almunia felt a few times with settlement beneficial to all parties. However, the proposal by the interest groups and companies, including Microsoft, Yelp and TripAdvisor joint opposition, these rival Google lobbying and strong opposition have foiled several settlement proposal, they in a variety of research as the basis for the settlement is in vain.

from Google rival those behind the political activities (including Microsoft) and the pressure has evolved into the resolution “as far as possible, bring about greater intensity” (to quote Balto). Shortly after the parliamentary vote, an unnamed senior eu officials told Reuters that the eu meeting has become the “battlefield” of the enterprise. After three rounds of reconciliation talks, Balto think Google’s efforts to deal with the problem of the make Europe more competitive.

one of the big question is whether the commission ruled there is enough evidence to support their complete infringement, this process at university college London, global law association, the director of the Wagner – von Papp to fortune magazine, said he wants the eu to “put up or shut up”. Antitrust officials shall be accused Google to despise the European antitrust law or completely give up this case. Are there any other choice? Google’s supporters and opponents will only more flutter.

by accusing Google to violate the antitrust laws, the commission may take any necessary measures to terminate its infringement behavior. Don’t really can include the Google of split? In theory, yes. The European commission’s antitrust authorities have the right to force its adjustment restructuring in the region, but Wagner – von Papp more willing to bet that it won’t happen, “the committee has so far not yet implemented any restructuring of tort remedy”.

however, but whatever direction for infringement of a little move, can make Google face fines of up to 10% of its annual is accused of infringement global sales, a total of about tens of billions of dollars, it’s a very amazing number, even broke the record of the history of European antitrust fines – years ago created by Intel, is put forward by the Supreme Court, but also is only just over 4% of sales.

Wagner – von Papp said that if Google search service from its split apart in the advertising business, the company may can’t again the way to make money from search results. This behavior is really “totally without reason,” he said, “open completely free search engine to users because Google can get profit from advertisers and can guide consumers to see which shows search results, it would be like if the newspaper can put your own advertising plate sell high then can bring readers for free.”

Balto agrees, he think that the proposal should be called “extreme” proposed, estimates that few people would take it seriously. “Google on products and advertising revenue of synergies, so they’re just doing what they should do, if Google search business really decomposition from the advertising business, endure hardships is the consumer.”

this meeting is a feature in the long-term political differences. Because long-term search engine industry in Europe occupy the dominance of Google is an American company, so from a little ways, the result of the vote also represents the politics. Brussels antitrust lawyer Matthew Hall said that if the European parliament’s intervention is usually won’t have the commission investigation in advance, and for Google this event in the different classes of people is trying to push the results into their own want to direction.

Almunia in his presidency (the European antitrust chief executive) between clear said he won’t be influenced by political, it is not clear Vestager play which card attitude, the European commission spokesman thinks she will “and those directly affected by the Google business practices rivals meet to talk about, to publish their claims”.

Balto resolution on the whole optimistic: “there are good signs that Vestager not as the situation moved, I don’t think the delay will cause deviation of the trial.”


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