Google LABS mysterious display seamless splicing technology

Sslashgear high-tech news website reported, Google Google X secret lab is developing a project, the content is to small seamless joining together into one large screen display.

it is reported, this project aims to all kinds of freedom in the shape of a seamless joining together into one large screens, small screens and can choose square, circular, or any other shapes for the latter. According to sources close to the patchwork of large screen size can be optional.

according to the report, the goal is to realize the seamless imaging, the researchers currently dedicated to solving challenging problems. The Google X project by former MIT professor Mary lockheed Martin jepson (Mary Lou Jepsen) is responsible for, for her leadership development “One Laptop Per Child” project One Laptop Per Child () is known, the project aims to offer our computers to children in poor countries. In addition, she is engaged in the project latest Pixel Qi also makes its fame, this project aims to develop a use low-energy display screen under the sun was shining.

screen splicing project development reason or category is unknown, so it is unclear why Google would be interested in this technology. Reportedly, the screen can display different information on each module. That is to say, if the 20 smaller screen together, then can have 20 different screen display of the 20 different information; In addition, also can choose every 4 piece of screen together, showing five different kinds of information, or any other combinations.

it is understood that Google may in this year’s autumn/winter two season this technology come in handy, but the specific purpose is unclear. (tang)

source: sina science and technology

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