“Google” Internet literacy bus into developing countries

because of the unequal social development, many countries or regions is still in the wild state, so various charitable donation activities emerge in endlessly, Google has recently launched a project, but not donations but to develop their own expertise to promote the Internet, it was to help the regional development and is beneficial to their future business, it is kill two birds with one stone really.

Google really in Bangladesh in the path of the promotion of the Internet, the company today launched a “Google Bus Bangladesh” activities, this is an education project, more than 50 students in South Asia is dedicated to provide you with important digital skills teaching.

there are now some edge dedicated to helping people connect to the Internet projects, such as Google balloon, Space X future Internet satellite launch, and Facebook uav project. But Google this choice is in the world’s eighth largest country tour, it plans for the next 35 years visit places of 500 schools, and sent a group of teachers to the students to teach some important tool usage, let them learn how to make full use of the Internet.

in addition to teaching activities, to participate in the project of the students can also experience to some Android devices that have been connected to the Internet. Google is Symphony company told us that the project’s hardware provides entry-level equipment, such as the $70 Xplorer W65i. The project also has a special Google + community, the students can communicate in the above ideas and get more information.

“Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country, it has a lot of young people, they are leading the direction of the Internet. If you can receive appropriate training, these young people can become the foundation of establishing LianWangHua, digital Bangladesh.” Google team in the asia-pacific region’s James McClure says.

I have been living in southeast Asia to see the Internet bring to People’s Daily life here in the large and small influence. The Internet can help them to contact with friends, relatives and experts, to provide them with a better way to access to information and news, or simply to offer them a kind of entertainment media agents – as many people in emerging markets are aware of the possibility of the Internet. Just to provide them with the popularity of a smartphone or computer is not the best way, because the Internet may sometimes makes a person feel difficult to contact, so let the teacher to guide learning would be a good start.

it is estimated that there are currently two thirds of the people do not have access to the Internet, like Google Bus Bangladesh the localization project for the number of Internet users in the network experience or a first-time provides a valuable opportunity to enable them to familiar with the basic knowledge of Internet and the possible benefits. Of course if there are more and more people use the Internet or mobile phones, will certainly more conducive to Google’s business. But even so, this project still need to spend a lot of resources and time, so Google to try to change the world is worthy of reward.


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