Google experience: “product infighting be ever-victorious generals”

in the era of social networks and the Internet, Google has already no longer merely a product search engine farmland. People often say that “a wily rabbit has three burrows,” and the Google’s diversification development also make it decreased the risk of failure. With foreign enemy resistance at the same time, Google has also actively creating internal competition in the production department. Love for Google is so tenacious in the failure and success.

if you heard the words, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? This proverb, expounds the advantages of diversification – that is, to have a “plan B”. From the Google too large and complex production line can determine, Google’s core is the diversification strategy. The company often geared to the needs of a user group and develop more competitive products. So, if a product fails, the other products and hope to be able to succeed.

the strategy of the classic example is Google’s instant messaging solution. On the Android platform, once there are four different ways of sending text messages, Google Talk, Google + Messenger, Messaging (SMS) system at Android and Google Voice. Google circulation (Google Hangouts) appears finally to make the four schemes combined into an instant messaging platform.

fortunately, Google now launched a unified instant messaging service application. So, if Google will put effort on instant messaging into Google ring in the chat? In fact, it is not. The economic times of India, a report pointed out that Google is developing 5 instant messaging applications. According to the report, the application does not need to log in Google account, it is aimed at the goal of Whatsapp. The KitKat (Android 4.4 development code), Google removed the SMS Messaging service, instead use Google chat ring. In Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google added back to the SMS client. So soon we will likely see three short message service to the client. Google circulation of updates to the Android system also brings a new dialer interface. You can see, in the KitKat, in addition to Google dialer, and one for circulation to call voip phone dialer. Along with the development of The Times, the user’s needs are constantly changing, used to be a need to unify the instant messaging service, and now, people hope to have unified dialer.

Google dialer interface and Google chat ring dialer interface

this is the most typical case of Google product operation. The company’s action suggests that it would never believe that only focus on a single product solutions can solve the problem, even if it to a certain extent can ignore the user’s ease of use. In almost all fields, Google all follow this strategy: away from competitors compete for the world, including develop its products compete against each other.

in Google, it seems that each product category is A huge A/B testing. As search engine, the company continuously collecting the data on the Internet information, keep learning, and constantly improve. For every single question, Google will provide multiple solutions, to use for the perfect solution.

in instant messaging, for example: Google has four SMS client, and each has his strong point. Google Talk is a traditional instant messaging client, is take the route of AIM; Google + Messenger as instant messaging client, is a part of Google’s Google + social network; Messaging is purely is the SMS system at Android applications; And Google Voice to SMS, provide users with a phone number, and be able to view your voicemail, send and receive Internet text information.

with four different solution to a problem, it is a bit messy. But can be sure that whatever product is successful, Google will be the winner in the area. Application, for example, users will struggle with which to about brother go out for a drink, but Google don’t worry, want to use which use which, as long as it is one of the four product line.

A/B testing strategy, particularly prominent in the instant communication products, but the policy has been throughout Google almost all product categories. Diversity as a feature of Google.

Android system against Chrome OS, win

a lot of people will ask: “why should Google also develop two kinds of completely different operating system?” This just like the word of instant messaging services, Chrome/Android scheme makes whatever developments, Google can in the unbeaten status. In the future, whether the smartphone operating system based on mobile applications, or PC platform based on Internet independent cloud can prevail, Google will need to have the last laugh.

both operating system performance. Chromebooks at present is the biggest challenge of Windows, even is a traditional PC subversives. The Android system in the global smartphone market accounted for 80% of the share.

at the same time, research and development of two new operating system is a huge task, but these days the work between the two have a lot of cross and repeated. Google Now into the Android system of Chrome OS; Chrome OS notification panel is like copying from Android. The Android system is the main browser Chrome; Chrome OS can run Android applications. The latest Android L application allows the user to Chrome web applications on the label set, can make it like independent icon on the desktop display. This undoubtedly greatly improve the position of web applications.

Chrome OS is consistently used in desktop and notebook computers, and the Android system generally for a smartphone or tablet. But now the hardware blurred the boundaries between the began. Had appeared on the market a lot with Android notebook computers. Google is constantly committed to research and development the tablet with a Chrome OS.

in addition, Google is using Chrome and Android systems to original equipment manufacturers to modify the source code of A/B testing. The Android system allowed to modify the code, and Chrome OS the underlying code and interface is immutable. Android update there will always be a few months of delay, sometimes does not update. And irreversible in Chrome OS code allows Google through central update system for daily updates.

according to the result of the A/B testing, Google Chrome OS update plan better. So it will apply the strategy to Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV platform, and run the update system.

Android Wear against Google Glass – A/b testing of different types of products

what wearable intelligent device will be like in the future? Google to two ideas in the market also has carried on the A/B testing: one is put on the head-up display of the face (represented by Google Glass), is A tiny computerized wrist watch (represented by Android Wear).

these two products have different price (intelligent glasses is $1500, while the smart watch is about $200-250). They pursue style is completely different. In the face of intelligent glasses very glamorous, equipped with cameras can sweep to everything around, how much more cool cool. While the smart watch advocate a low profile. In a social situation, even if you’re wearing a well-designed watches, others are hard to notice.

at the same time, the two products is Google for A/B testing platform strategy. Google Glass is Google for vertical type, the first attempt to apple style hardware products. In addition to Google, other manufacturers can produce intelligent glasses, and that the use of software is also unique. The Android Wear belong to a style of the Android platform – the Google software, other companies making hardware.

now, Android Wear seems more superior to Google Glass. But Google insists that the two projects can coexist. Google said that even Android Wear remind technology will be transplanted into Google on the Glass. Google could focus on Android Wear away from Google Glass, but in fact, Google has not to do so. Because it want to make the internal competitive environment of the product.

Gmail and Google Wave compete – self innovation

in the field of science and technology, we often see a lot of company’s development plan was upset by the ever-changing technological change. These companies are always claim that they’re using products are good enough in the future, and their products still occupy the market share advantage. But once something new appears, the more the company always can’t escape the fate of the elimination. If a company cannot quickly and correctly adjust product development plan, then the elaboration the old product will be acquired for many years, become another brand and other company’s patent portfolio.

2009 Google Wave interface

Google will never lay down and die. In front of the external environment to interference, Google has been ready to self-denial, constantly updating strategy.

in 2009, Google had tried to kill the E-mail, let Google Wave to replace the existing 30 years of history and the Gmail service with the biggest market share at the time. Google hopes the Google Wave to adopt AJAXy technology with the instant messaging, E-mail service, file together, such as real-time text transmission function caused a great revolution.

most companies will not be good carry it on their own star products, but Google is an exception. If Google Wave really become a reality, eliminated the Gmail, you can become a new generation of star products. Unfortunately Google Wave, the result is not satisfactory, because the interface is too complex and various online communication way lack of interoperability, so less than a year, it will die.

Google is like a cruel step-mother treated Gmail, but it was tough to survive. So, regardless of the old and new products against the final outcome, Google is the final winner. It also tells us that the innovation of company, have the courage to challenge themselves and constantly reinvent itself lead to progress.

Google TV, Android TV against Chromecast failed – an “A”, then come up with an “A”

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