Google cloud morning hunting 】 【 glasses or end, laser communication can be realized


Google glasses abdication, SONY electronic paper watch upper

Google released in April 2012, Google glasses, a wearable device by voice control video calls and take photos, send and receive mail, to check the weather, and navigation, etc. But after released more than two years, Google has yet to launch consumer version of Google glasses, but only for a few developers, cost up to $1500 (RMB 9214), which makes consumers were disappointed. American science and technology media wired magazine has said the expensive price, lack of practicability and privacy issues let Google glasses is struggling, and now the only way to save the product is “end” it off.

SONY electronic paper Watch FES Watch, it can be according to user’s wrist strap and surface gestures to respond, such as user’s hand, display the time Watch will light up automatically. This watch is very thin, has good flexibility, as there is no complicated watch internal electronic components, so it USES a button battery can last 60 days. Smart watches life generally for one day. FES dial and strap design can be custom option, press the button to the right of strap, the user can change the surface as well as the strap design, can be replaced with grain or simulation of the needle and thread strap design, white dial in as black dial, etc. There is currently no FES watch the official launch date, expected after the next may. FES watch only SONY when electronic paper for the wearable device test feasibility research and development of a product, SONY also in research and development of electronic paper tie and shoes products such as electronic paper.

Google glasses or will put an end to, haven’t listed died, really a pity. But time is like this, “don’t be too unbridled, no use,” may the force be with you. Google glasses, in order to have more attention electronic paper watch. Hunting cloud network will pay close attention to the electronic paper watches, SONY can’t, too like the minimalist design.

European space laser data highway test success

by the latest European satellite laser communication technology will be a picture back to the ground, the project provides a new way to the people: the government and relevant organizations to continuous, real-time view of natural disasters. This is for spatial data of highway cost 450 million euros a test. The project full name is “the European data relay satellite”, can provide faster and more safe way in land and air transport a large number of data, such as images or radar image. It especially useful for real-time monitoring of flood and earthquake disaster.

once the project is completed, EDRS can through 2 satellite to eliminate the traditional satellite blind spots. Equipped with the latest laser technology satellite will launch in 2015 and 2015 respectively, they can on the ground and air bidirectional transmit data at a rate of about 1.8 Gb/SEC. EDRS will provide encryption transmission to some security measures, at the same time also can let Europe less dependent on the ground station to satellite data transmission in overseas. EDRS then through cost billions of euros of Copernicus earth observation program for sea ice, oil spill or flood relay data, but the service is also open to other paying customers.

laser communication has been achieved, feel distance are a step closer to the future. Hunting cloud network: what do you want to make predictions of what, one thousand achieved? First of all, I want to grow taller, handsome, must have money. Which scientists can help me, I do your son-in-law for free.

unicom secret test 3 g speed at least 50% up to 63 MBPS

China unicom recently conducted a secret 3 g speed tests, guangzhou unicom to huawei, qualcomm has completed its global HSPA + 63 MBPS network network test, for the first time to use the latest version of the huawei equipment (UMTS RAN16) and built-in high-pass Xiao intelligent terminal to complete the godson. The network testing means global 3 g network refresh the history, descending to 63 MBPS, 50% faster than the fastest 3 g network, upward of 100% faster.

this test includes 3 c – HSDPA WCDMA HSPA + network (downward) three carrier and DC – HUSPA (double carrier uplink) features, covers the user rate, time delay and state transition, mobility and composite business test, all test content by uniform time, indicate that network and terminal 3 c – HSDPA and DC – HUSPA features has fully reached maturity. As is known to all, 4 g as data network does not support voice calls, so when the user calls back 3 g network. For consumers, therefore, the perfect experience not only need 4 g networks, need more mature and stable 3 g network strong support, in order to realize the no delay, no gap between the perceptual experience.

laser communications and distant point, truly, truly, unicom, speed up! Little do you want to so domineering, sliding sideways out of a Pacific. I made a big decision, buy unicom card, anyway also only 16 yuan, slightly table support, not at all.

millet datang telecom cooperation: don’t sell patent

datang telecom and millet in the important cooperation, but mainly to provide chip platform technology and related patent authorization, does not involve sale of patents, which means that the rumored “datang telecom transfer chip patent” does not exist. Datang telecom’s league core technology and millet talk about into the agreement is cooperation development based on the chip SDR1860 platform, millet contributive establish a company can be in the platform based on the research and development of mobile phone chips. Judging from the top, millet mobile phone chips, indeed to take this opportunity to try water mastery of part of the process and technology research and development of mobile phone chips, and can therefore reduce the cost of mobile phone chips, eventually reduce the cost of mobile phone is out of reliance on any single cell phone chip manufacturers.

but, even if the patent is limited, datang telecom have datang telecom’s strength is TD patent, the patent can use TD with qualcomm and other licensing exchange, but only limited to their own or subordinate enterprises, and on the WCDMA, FDD LTE patents, datang telecom are not yourself, don’t rush into these areas, not to other mobile phone companies to patent protection, dealing with patent infringement lawsuit. Predicts 2015, the domestic mobile phone industry patent fight hard to avoid, in the field of WCDMA mobile phones, FDD, LTE, etc, even cooperate with datang telecom, also not be able to avoid a patent dispute.

China unicom 3 g speed, millet and datang telecom, unicom’s arms is to attract the hunting cloud network editor king, cast millet army again? NO, don’t want to, have NO money, not about. All roll for the old paper thick, don’t tease.

automatic writing software company won a $10 million investment, the restaurant chain was $20 million in venture capital

through multiple data sources for the customer to automatically generate readable text start-ups Narrative Science announced it had obtained a new round of $10 million in financing. So far, the company’s fund-raising total has reached $32 million. Narrative Science chief executive Stuart? Frankel said that the company’s structured data can be analyzed and Quill platform, so as to understand the importance of these data, the final written content can generate infinite close to perfect. Narrative Science at present is seeking cooperation with institutions such as financial service providers. These organizations may have invested in data collection services, but how to deal with the information they fall into a headache. Frankel said that Narrative Science technology can reduce a lot of basic work, Quill introducing can replace artificial platform, filter data, and the data is read, finally in the form of a report submitted to the relevant people.

the east coast of the United States has more outlets leisure fast-food salad restaurant chain Sweetgreen announced that received $18.5 million in financing. Sweetgreen located in Manhattan, New York Ken’s street plan of a new store opened in December. Design lets a person feel the store seemed completely images in social applications experience sets a horizon. Designed an open kitchen, the store customers can look at employees were waiting for the meal at the same time divided all kinds of vegetables in the kitchen. The secret of Sweetgreen has attract repeat customers. At first, three co-founder found in certain social situations, strong sense of health consumers has very obvious dietary requirements. These consumers constantly switch back and forth between various kinds of electronic equipment, in order to maintain their local social circle.

it has been proved that good ideas can always attract people. Do you have any good ideas, if you have entrepreneurial teams and the DEMO, can contact hunting cloud network oh, completely free to help you achieve entrepreneurial dream.

way cattle had banned OTA outbound tourism for the war with the routine supplier

way cattle are asking at the same time and the way of cattle and raise to have relationship with routine supplier with the price of the goods process, there are even suppliers were asked on cattle and with a choice between cheng, cheng thinks way cattle so very unfair “threat” suppliers. But almost people said with cheng “stock up” fire sale to disrupt the market price, this is what supplier is not willing to see. Have insiders, currently the focus of our business with processes started off to outbound travel, this business is the way the focus of the plate, with cheng’s new strategy to feel the pressure, the bull road, in the end is the OTA competition for resources, a deeper, OTA price war, outbound travel is very high cash flow of business, so OTA now the resources of the business for the mounting. With cheng said, is likely to be in the near future on the way cattle “blocked” countermeasures, both sides around outbound tourism and cruise market in 2015, total war will be inevitable.

fast drops beating each, WeChat weibo kill each other. Way cattle with cheng war and this time, I wish you YueZhanYueYong, price of what is best, ha ha. I conspired against, such as is.

the people behind the subtitles: cooperation with video web site find out the way

last month, all the film and television, such as striker net subtitle announced the closure of sharing platform, it is reported that two website “close, stop” is the result of improvement of pirated. The subtitle group behind such platform, and therefore to be the concern of the people. Subtitle groups are in their work and study, through the network connection, collaboration, translated foreign video works cost of languagese, uploaded to the Internet for free download, and as a hobby. In China, there are hundreds of subtitle group size, some of which has a history of more than ten years.

subtitle group wander for a long time in the copyright of grey area of embarrassment, with numerous platforms have also closed more distress, future, become a subtitle group members are now having to face the reality. Subtitle group division of labor is clear, the default standard strictly, errors will be “the public”; Subtitle group through the network connection, strangers to each other or for a friend; Lawyers say subtitle groups constitute infringement, need to undertake the legal risk consciousness; But cooperation with owns the copyright of the video web site, but against “leisure and hobbies” purpose. There are some people has chosen to give up. Some active subtitle groups gradually fade out the line of sight, Carla’s “new’s subtitle haven’t launched a new” work “, GuanXin Sam have subtitles for 9 years, and at the same time with him do subtitles, now have turned 30, almost no one insisted.

actually subtitles gentleman a blessing in disguise, behind bad luck comes good luck. You can start English training class, I need your training, directly see the English version of the show is so cool. Please as soon as possible to hunt cloud network to find me, visual by himself so a clean, will find a way out?

Facebook can use your mobile phone pictures or video

Facebook can direct access to the user’s mobile phone, and then take pictures or video at any time, don’t need the consent of the user’s explicit consent. British lawmakers called for social media companies simplify their terms and conditions of the use of the site and services. Their reason: these terms are written according to the law of the United States, people could not understand them. The house of lords science and technology special committee of lawmakers called on the government through the new guidelines to make web sites and applications in a more clear way to explain to your own user company is how to treat these user data. Lawmakers also warned that if the company does not comply with the rules, will seek corresponding legislation to solve the current problems.

special committee on Facebook Messenger’s terms of use of mobile applications, for example, pointed out that the clause gives companies the right to direct access to the user mobile phone or a tablet, which means that the company may at any time using the user’s mobile phone taking pictures or video and does not need the consent of the user’s explicit consent. The application is used by 200 million people every month. Facebook declined to comment. But the news that they are on their own terms of use and policy changes, make them easier to read and understand.

privacy regardless of what, can’t stand is the terms of use and policies at a dozen pages, who will slowly to read? What words of domestic service agreement is also very long, anyway, I’ve never seen, who love who look, I don’t watch. Don’t ask me why, capricious. Well, is lazy!

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