Good medicine cooperate with spring rain doctors, drug retail O2O landing

cloud network hunting on September 23

on September 23, good doctor-patient communication platform of spring rain mobile health and medicine online pharmacies announced a strategic cooperation. Spring rain doctors will report directly to the user to provide drugs within the APP recommendations and buy medicine services, rain will be included in the physician pharmacist big health plans. At present the cooperation will choose Beijing and Qingdao are the early trial operation.

the biggest value lies in through the mobile Internet mobile medical revitalize the idle medical resources. APP, users in the spring rain doctor can check list for health diagnosis. More important users can, through voice, text, images, and other forms to the platform, 40000 public dimethyl hospital health problems related to the level of the attending doctor.

spring rain at the meeting, vice President of mobile health BiLei said: “after the user consulting, about 30% of the user through the interaction with the doctor solves the health problem, in addition, there are 5% of the users will be according to the doctor’s advice, chose to go to the hospital, and accounted for 65% of the vast majority of users, will be under the doctor suggested that, occasionally result in drug purchase demand. Only the consultation process and subsequent steps to solve the problem does not occur, obviously not a complete medical procedures, and will be the key to this process WanShanHua, develops will move to buy medicine.” BiLei said that the future will continue to focus on the latter “interrogation” services, mobile business will go to buy medicine professional pharmaceutical retail enterprises to cooperation.

the information we currently, back against the jiuzhou group of good medicine has signed more than 2000 offline pharmacy, this year 10000 will also sign cooperation in a pharmacy. Remove the spring rain doctors platform users can jump or pharmacist enough medicine interface to complete the order, the subsequent O2O cooperation will begin: the user after the spring rain doctors form drug purchase demand, well distributed to cooperation in the drugstore pharmacist will demand from the user’s the nearest pharmacy, by the pharmacy for nearby delivery to customers. Complete mobile purchase medicine last mile.

overall, spring rain the cooperation of doctors and pharmacists, the former has solved the “d” source, which has solved the “medicine” source. Mobile last kilometers can buy medicines. At both companies also said: they are to explore the electronic prescription and mobile terminal prescription drug sales cooperation. The two sides have approached, and related services will be launched after the prescription drug policy implementation of online purchase.

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