Good embellish warehouse: Internet thinking do logistics, warehousing grafting chain O2O

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logistics warehouse management represented by new ways of distribution of chain management, logistics, e-commerce and other industry is developing rapidly, combined with the economic globalization trend obvious enhancement, to the world economic development has brought unprecedented opportunities. For now, the domestic logistics warehousing business around the project is still in its infancy, to deeply in this area is a piece of blue ocean.

hunting cloud network focus on the recent one is called “good embellish storehouse” of entrepreneurial projects, products of logic is to do chain warehouse O2O resources the raise pattern, purpose is through good storehouse platform, make an organic combination of online and offline resources, joint logistics market of the small and medium-sized third party logistics enterprise, unified brand management, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise owners to provide networking, standardization, and facilitation of warehousing and distribution logistics services.

Chen Qi has repeatedly startup founder, nearly 18 years in logistics warehousing industry, the warehousing market also has its own profound understanding. In Chen Qi view, the small and medium-sized enterprise owner’s anguish cannot find convenient, formal, can provide a management system based on Internet cloud platform of logistics enterprises, for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, there is no a set of relatively complete WMS and TMS for the integration of management system, also can’t single-handedly, to meet customer demand for warehouse and storage of various. Therefore, the realization of logistics informatization and networking of storage and standardization, become a logistics company and the owner enterprise mutual needs.

Chen Qi hunting cloud network interview, “good embellish the storehouse is stretching out in such a market environment, think good embellish the storehouse for small and medium-sized logistics enterprises and the owner of the goods storage and distribution business bring convenience, and through this platform good embellish storehouse constantly bring profit for all parties, eventually became the general market ShuNiuDian.”

in detail, the warehouse is given priority to with WMS and TMS management system, the manufacturer, the owner of the goods, warehousing and logistics four business objects through the supply chain system in series to get up good embellish storehouse. Good embellish the storehouse of supply chain is like this: small and medium-sized logistics enterprises – good embellish warehouse – the owner of the three parties cycle, good embellish warehouse was in charge of the cash flow and information flow, small and medium-sized logistics enterprises are responsible for logistics. The shipper order by good embellish storehouse of supply chain management system operation, good warehouse to provide brand and information management, warehousing logistics, small and medium enterprises to provide warehousing, distribution, loading and unloading, packing and so on a series of logistics services.

at the same time, a good lip positions by O2O raise pattern to attract all the storage resources and customer pouring into, creating ‘positions’ and’ and ‘ecosystem. Good embellish warehouse, therefore, the core content of RMS from e-commerce activities to explore with the IT services “warehouse” and “with” the system of methods, from the perspective of resource management, supply chain management system to recognize and use good embellish storehouse; From the perspective of goods warehousing and transportation activities as a whole to understand and use of supply chain management system; Goods warehousing and transportation activities from the overall Angle to understand and use of customer relationship management (CRM) system, based on the overall evaluation of goods, warehousing and transportation activities, to deepen the goods warehousing and transportation activities the purpose of the organization and management.

in hunting cloud network point of view, good embellish warehouse for storage of logistics demand and the third party logistics service providers to set up a functional and supply chain management platform, in order to realize the online looking for warehouse resources, offline provide warehousing service implementation. Good warehouse using the cloud server, developed a set of perfect digital system of supply chain management, the system realizes the organic combination of traditional industry and software industry, the business flow, cash flow, information flow and commerce flow through, effectively solve the warehousing logistics enterprise and the owner’s customer requirements.

now, and complete basic similar products without good embellish storehouse. Good embellish the vantage point of the warehouse is: platform proposed joint market on the small and medium-sized third party logistics enterprise to do logistics, rather than integration. Good embellish warehouse is an open platform, good wetting warehouse to join good O2O chain warehousing enterprises, provide free systems use, free training, free promotion, operation and provide for the customer. Chen Qi said, “good embellish storehouse and small and medium-sized third party logistics enterprises there is no relationship between upstream and downstream, is a fully integrated business, everyone’s direction is consistent, so will go further.”

at present, is in the PRE – A good embellish storehouse financing stage, signing warehouse nearly more than 40, including Shanghai, wuhan, nanjing, hangzhou, suzhou, changzhou and other places, has good three imported food dealer embellish warehouse chain storage service. Good warehouse to provide a platform, on the system research and development, and some details to improve step by step. Chen Qi convective cloud network said, “the next stage, good embellish warehouse storage and distribution service will increase the depth and breadth, the joint more warehousing logistics enterprises, provide warehousing and electricity of the country’s overseas warehouse. PC will end will strengthen the improvement of the system, mobile terminal will be mobile orders and check inventory, inventory, video check, etc.”

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