Gold in how to build the map makers “lifeblood” of the underlying data?

after the inspection car travel navigation market, the mobile era demand anytime and anywhere has stronger dependence on the map, as domestic digital map content and navigation and location service provider of the value of gold has also been stimulated again, and ali nearly $1.4 billion, and the price is full acquisition.

in most of the analysis point of view, ali to buy gold is mainly based on O2O macro strategic layout, actually behind it, but also took a fancy to gold production capacity of huge data and based on the open system.

in the Internet maps of the pyramid structure, the data layer, software layer, the cloud services, and the application layer, and the data layer is the foundation of map products. Is just because it is the basic data to map a variety of forms, such as 2 d/3 d map, measurements live-action pictures, video image data, the depth of the 3 d buildings and a large number of landmark POI information, etc.

“for map makers, the underlying data is the lifeblood of the real. Without the data, it is a good service and get out.” Scott co-founder, senior vice President of Jiang Derong said in the media Open Day, the future of Data Technology (video) era, only Data can on the basis of product innovation, create value for users and society.

as domestic senior Internet map service vendors, gold in 12 years has developed with independent intellectual property rights in the process of development of navigation electronic map production process, standard and collection, edit, compile, and quality assurance system, has the largest domestic surveying and mapping team, the data production, research and development staff of nearly 1300 people. At present, the gold can cover applications, cloud services, software, data, such as industrial Internet map makers of the whole level. Is one of the largest supplier of underlying data, account for nearly half of the underlying data mapping market in China.

with the development of mobile Internet users more and more high to the requirement of map data, from the initial “find” to “find a good time, looking for better and faster”, and map the usage scenario from navigation to switch to the cell phone map, indoor maps, such as daily use frequency, the map data update speed, the degree of accuracy, range, form the fast, accurate, full and really high standards.

here take a look at how gold in the each link control and implementation. This involves data discovery, acquisition, processing and release of the closed loop.

data found

From the start to

more than 10 years, for many years occupied the domestic mobile phone market, gold found way gradually formed a variety of information, including information gathering platform LSE, API trajectory analysis, automatic identification of satellite imagery and UGC feedback and a variety of ways, such as floating car.

intelligence platform LSE, API trajectory analysis, automatic identification of satellite imagery wide application and high efficiency. In the era of mobile Internet, Scott map also launched the package of the form of data collection, mainly including the floating car and UGC feedback. Installed the GPS positioning device and driving in the city the main street bus and taxi is the main floating car. The gold in the country has hundreds of thousands of taxi and millions of car logistics industry of floating car data, finding and feedback the real-time status of road traffic. For hard by floating car traffic data information of inter-city high-speed, Scott map can be addressed by the power of crowdsourcing.

Data collection

field acquisition is an important means of ensure accurate gold map data. In the traditional sense of the data collection mainly includes the car and walk to collect two forms, Scott way is to use the newest plane aerial photographic measurement, and it is also because gold has a comprehensive map surveying and mapping qualifications.

now Scott has dozens of automatic data collecting car, are able to collect information about traffic rules, digital, direction, road name, number of lanes, traffic line markings and other road information. In addition, can also be used with the help of a logistics company transport vehicle, the taxi GPS navigator, collecting a large amount of data.

a person can make up for a lack of car production, such as road trees, overpasses, indoor shooting scenes. Loan aircraft aerial photogrammetry is collected in the top, providing commercial 3 d map is mainly on the market at present is who (satellite), its resolution is nearly 50 centimeters. Now Scott has for 56 city draws more than 7500 square kilometers of the 3 d model, accuracy of centimeter level, the aerial and complete.

it is important to note that druids are now using social crowdsourcing way to collect data, all registered users can use the path of “treasure hunt” App products to receive collection task, after the completion of the can get the reward.

data processing

will be huge pictures, video and other information into available POI, 3 d models, etc., is a large and complex project. At present, gold has produced more than 400 kinds of road attribute information, more than 400 square kilometers of 3 d model data, nearly 50 million landmark POI information, and nearly 5.2 million km road navigation data – to around 130 weeks over earth’s equator.

data processing can be divided into navigation data production and value-added production. In the navigation data production, it is worth mentioning background production. “Background” is refers to besides roads and buildings of mountain, river, lake, water and other “as a background for the navigation of the object. Value-added production including the operation POI data and the depth of the dynamic information. Operating POI refers to give relevant POI information page, such as focusing on Beijing’s bank of China on the map, it can help POI show information more directly. And the depth of the dynamic information, refer to details of POI information, such as for a hotel, here is not only a navigation, and reveal its text introduction, house prices, phone, etc., but also show the preferential location based services such as information.

data published

map is updated in real time. Every minute of the user running road what happens, will have any impact on my road, this is all based on fast data iteration to achieve. For automakers, gold mainly released monthly; For the Internet, the data level iteration has been need hours; In the face of the mobile Internet, and even can update level in minutes.

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