Godel published LBS open platform, developers do its future ecology

in ali cloud developers conference recently, gold has released its own LBS (location-based services) to develop solutions – Smart LBS, the scheme for alipay FuWuChuang, WeChat public accounts such as lightweight applications and emerging areas such as intelligent hardware.

Scott LBS Wei Kaiming meeting open platform general manager, said: “LBS is one of the most core service the basis of the mobile Internet. But for the majority of entrepreneurs, high barriers – need a map of LBS ability construction surveying and mapping qualifications, have enough map data acquisition and the back-end cloud data processing capacity.

the new Smart LBS, main zero threshold technology, zero cost of development and intelligent data management. To help developers to reduce LBS development threshold. According to different requirements and platform, Smart LBS this launched light weight maps, intelligent hardware and cloud data three solutions.

Scott Smart LBS of lightweight solution map based on HTML 5, released in the form of the component. For a large number of need to call a lightweight LBS service products to provide services.

on the other hand, in view of the intelligent hardware, Smart LBS, provide standard and non-standard two intelligent hardware solutions, Smart LBS intelligent hardware solutions to provide positioning, navigation, retrieval ability of the SDK development kit. The 360 security guards hand ring, the child is smart hardware based on gold SDK development. And more difficult for adaptation of intelligent hardware, non-standard Gao Deze provides the HTTP standard service, developers can according to their own needs, and product features autonomous intelligent hardware design, implementation and the interaction on the phone.

“is the essence of LBS and open platform for developers to provide map navigation manufacturer data and technical capabilities. So the contest between LBS and open platform is map makers professional ability to compete. Wei Mingkai, said Scott’s attention will be focused on the current map navigation professional ability and better serve the developer, temporarily won’t consider the problem of commercial.

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