Give you wear mini router Anonabox network invisibility cloak

on Tuesday, the United States wired magazine reported Anonabox project. The router can monitor the network data traffic, and will hide the IP information, anonymous to the Tor network server in several areas of the world; However its secrecy performance really like its founder Germar described complete? And through the test of a week, Anonabox project has produced what kind of response in society?

however, unexpected is, the initiative and wit mutations in last week.

in actual raised reserve raised more than 82 times, or $615000, Kickstarter on Friday afternoon to stop the project.

Anonabox is what?

Tor network in existing technologies (The Onion Router) to protect network anonymous do is The best, The network of data encryption and random server to all over The world. But the Tor network also need to set and more sophisticated technology to the software after fine-tuning, can achieve the protection of outside web browsing. Today, perhaps through Tor network routing is like on your Ethernet cable on a portable hardware as simple cases.

now a group of developers to show much concern about the privacy issue for Anonabox on Kickstarter project to raise money. This single $45 router, can automatically control the Tor network, through the Ethernet or WiFi connection, in hiding the user IP address at the same time also can avoid censorship. The router is small enough to be put on in a cigarette or two. Anonabox miniature size means that the user can take them anywhere, insert it into the office of the Ethernet interface can start sensitive work, also can avoid in the Internet cafe (China) the firewall. So, if Anonabox can guarantee its security, then hide in the Tor you online all the data will become extremely simple – not just for the trace of web surfing, can hide email, instant messaging, file sharing, and a variety of computer on the network data residues by you.

“no matter what you do on the computer, now all your activities to allocate by the Tor network routing. “A man named August Germar IT consultants said, while he was in the past four years have been engaged in the development of Anonabox. He said design Tor intention is not just western software that lovers are more likely to use, but also to those outside of the network political controls really need his people.” It portable and light is very important for us, you can easily hide it, or even threw it when have to get rid of it.”

is not a fresh thing

Anonabox is by no means the first attempt to Tor and routers together as one of the project. But Germar says it will reach the price, maneuverability, volume and the optimal balance of safety performance. Similar to Torouter and PORTAL, for instance, are related to the Tor project requires users to replace the software in the router. Another called OnionPi, in terms of user friendly, the most popular type of plug and play is the Safeplug Tor network routers, it is a modified Pogoplug router based, $49 routers, can be in the Tor routing all data on the net. But Safeplug volume of more than double Anonabox portability makes it amounted to less than the latter. Safeplug has also been pointed out that security flaws: September, Princeton, the researchers found that it don’t have any certification on Settings page. This means that hackers can use the “cross-site request forgery” techniques to cheat users click on the link, and transform the function of the routing or shut down Tor network by the function. Safeplug is also using an old version of the Tor network, even before the last operation, the network has been updated.

very interested in community developers

now, nonprofit Tor project itself is worth are judged. Project, on the other hand, the executive director Andrew Lewman said in interview, he has been paid close attention to the project, its “seems to have a good future”. Glenn Greenwald created The Intercept a main technical expert, is also The developer of Tor project related Micah said Lee, he is inspired by The idea. After all, there is potential for Tor users, that’s web site to be able to use their computers, to install malicious software on it, through a network of the Tor connection sending data back to a server, thereby causing real IP address.” If you put all of the things in the Tor network, so it could never happen such situation. “Lee said,” the Tor network router with its physical isolation and has brought great benefits. “

words being said, Lee warns, single Anonabox will not be able to fully protect the privacy of users. If you use the same browser for anonymous operation and conventional network activity, web page can use similar to browser cookies “recognition” technology to confirm your identity. Lee suggested that even if the data routing based on Tor network Anonabox, users should also use Tor browser, such a stable browser will be able to avoid recognition. (in order to avoid repeat to transmit data in Tor online that bandwidth speed becomes slow, he pointed to the Tor browser feature set, the Tor network transparency “to close the browser itself Tor network by) Anonabox into use since 2010, so far, developers have designed a personal circuit boards and mode shape. Germar claimed that this, this kind of user-oriented model, although there is no change router 64 MB of memory and 580 MHZ processor, but created by the device is compatible with the Tor network software extremely easily, also did not reduce speed.

the protection of citizens’ movement

Germar said that at the end of 2010 to early 2011 the Arab spring movement (some Arab countries, such as “democracy” and “economy” as the theme of the anti-government movement), he and his friends began to consider the possibility that they can bring in the movement. Anonabox project’s ultimate purpose is to users, and those in other countries where the Tor network against censorship and secrecy performance will the user from being threatened by activists and journalists. Can use it in the Internet cafe, for example, a user cannot easily install software on the computer at this time. And as extension part of the Tor network, mini router “pluggable transport” portability, makes it much better than the conventional data encryption.

Anonabox hardware is also designed to follow the international situation of sensitive: use the international general standard usb for power supply interface, tiny volume is more likely to hide. Germar pointed out its rounded design of external cavity can make it in the human body. It destroyed more easily than big routers. “The police come, it is too late, slow! Quickly took a brick chop suey and then throw to go out of the window, “he joked,” or just need you chopped it with their feet, and then washed down the drain.”

Germar said his ultimate goal is to pull new users into the Tor network, before that they had never won the Tor network protection. “These are not just for the sake of those who are using the Tor network users, but also to those who want to use for any purpose of the Tor network users,” he said, “these people, we want to help.”

wit mutations: both sides who raise in the kidnapping?

in The Times of demand for confidential technology with super anonymous web Tor and its encryption router is definitely an encouraging breakthrough, why only 3 days apart, however, the project was suspended? Many supporters behind the project. The relevant person in charge of Kickstater is in an E-mail made the explanation. “In the project review found evidence that Anonabox practices undermine the rules of Kickstarter. Kickstarter project of all financing request, shall not be used to buy the products instead of their own creation products, shall not possess oneself of others’ products, shall not be false or hide project and its creators of relevant information.” But in these respects, Anonabox is not as complete as it had promised.

and launched a fundraising activities in the evening, the user had begun to appear in terms of noise. Users pointed out that the so-called Anonabox router specially designed the hardware part, on some similar electric business platform of alibaba is for sale. Germar, however, soon to clarify wired way: Anonabox prototype though from a case in point, but the floor on the basis of existing extended the cache, and these are from Chinese manufacturers Gainstrong. But only the content, with a week ago, already Anonabox to wired magazine stated content are very different.

even so, Anonabox defects also exposed the soon. The router will be the default setting is the open wireless network, but also includes a root password in the computer program, which will allow users are highly susceptible to spy or the dangers of hacking. And ironically, as mentioned above, the equipment is used for the purpose of harassment from reporters even opponents hit. And now the results show that the Anonabox seems to have no ability to guarantee this.

but Anonabox aspects are also made relevant explanation. Germar claimed that the project is geared to the needs of ordinary non-professional users, the purpose is to collect feedback, and continuously improve the router equipment. But those who throw money into the project of the vast number of investors seem to have misunderstood Germar’s intentions, overestimated their safety performance, and stubbornly the Anonabox router is regarded as the equipment can be put on to the consumer market. Germar performance quite helpless: “I should have thought my imagination is driving the car, it was together on the rocket.”

Source: Wired

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