Give it a small mirror, Tangible kid-learning Play to make the most interesting

Tangible Play announced that they have Osmo prepares to launch a new game. Osmo is a combining the application with physical toys for children to play new social games.

Osmo system is very complicated but is simple to use. You can put the erected, and then putting a mirror in front of the lens, this lens can be a mirror to recognize the object below. Then you can put the entity toys to play the game, in front of the camera can recognize it to the these small objects. Such as Osmo Words, one of the many downloadable applications, it can let the camera recognition in front of a blue or red letters.

when playing games, you’re likely to see a picture of the screen there are bears. You can quickly with B – E – A – R four letters spelling out. But you can also guess wrong because of the word may only three letters CUB, behind it is referring to the bear cubs. If you guess wrong, Osmo will record mistake next time. If you guessed it, the screen will appear correct answer letters.

because these games creative, education and social identity, so parents and teachers all like them. At the same time, the game is novel and interesting, children also like.

Tangible Play Osmo as education product promotion has raised more than $2 million. Companies have started in more than 2000 all reservation schools promote Osmo. As a education product is the good grades, it also marks the Tangible Play successfully opened up the silicon valley technology with the combination of education and game.

in palo alto, California’s Tangible Play the President of the company Pramod Sharma said in an interview in GamesBeat MyOsmo is coming out to the company. Allows anyone to use Osmo MyOsmo is an online platform system design of the new game. That allow players to better play to their creativity.

use MyOsmo website, you can upload your own photos and words to create your own test. This process is very simple, everyone can become a game designer, Sharma said. You can use the filmed new image, then immediately with the pictures on the Osmo play games. Tangible Play claimed Osmo Words have a primary mode allows the novice players (preschool or kindergarten children) to learn to Play the game before entering the harder levels.

“teachers can upload their own teaching content, make the teaching more simple.” Sharma said, “anyone can become a game designer, as anyone can use a smart phone as a movie. To be the threshold of the game designer is becoming more and more low.

at school to do a wide range of closed after 4 months ago Tangible Play began its scheduled activities. This activity is hundreds of from 10 150 schools in the state of teachers and students to word of mouth. Sharma said the company won a good reputation of the news to the scheduled activities of great help. Use now own alphabet, word test can be extended to 23 languages.

“Osmo creative team wants to add more creativity to the game, let more content, language and education courses to join our platform. We hope our clients can create your own test.” Sharma said, “this is just the beginning of a recreational activity, this activity can let parents, grandparents, children and teachers to participate.”

2013 by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler created Tangible Play is a game company. They took advantage of the artificial reflex technology makes the camera can recognize all kinds of shapes and letters a lot of profits.


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