Gift: the gift of global innovation social tools


, whether for private gifts has become the tool of communication between people, it can not only express the relationship of the degree, in some cases, the gifts will also be able to represent a person’s preferences, credibility, values, and many other aspects. Mentioned a gift, a lot of people may have a headache, from gift to delivery will cost a lot of thoughts, time cost is relatively high. Now, this annoying things can be to gift oh.

gift oh is a intention of gift giving and charging anytime and anywhere close friends social tools, users can choose and buy online dozens of senior international buyers and fashion editors selective trendy, unique, decent gifts, placed in a personal gift box after purchase, choose to give or receive, the recipient will immediately receive a message, fill in the address would be polite oh exclusive parcel delivery. In just a few minutes, his heart has no distance, to push for a short period of time to each other’s hands, avoided each other by polite already declined, and surprise, anytime and anywhere to declare their intentions more relaxed, more simple relationship. This operation mode is like a cloud of gift box, if a gift is not like it, also can turn to someone on the gift oh, provides users with a different way of gifts.

gift oh the organic combination of electricity and social philosophy, for the traditional electric company, category is rich with commodity multifarious, users difficult to choose the right gift, for the traditional social platform, most platforms are overlooked giving such a social patterns, gift oh is betting that gap, not only to provide online shopping, also provides instant messaging communication function. Founder Chen Yimin told hunting cloud network: “we believe that the future people will also enlarge demand for gifts, and more and more people will try to use a mobile phone to deal with this thing, and innovation, tide, the light of luxury, custom products will be the future focus, people are more interested in themselves, also a friend of preferred gifts, market potential is very large.”

founder Chen Yimin, KuangZhiHong are more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, focus into the mobile Internet business for 3 years, the core team are from e-commerce and the Internet and information technology industries, the follow-up will also introduce more friends to interact plate, hope based on the present, to further satisfy the people’s social needs.

gift oh
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