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last week “bullying President yu jia wen’s” great waves has not yet subsided, a wave of more heated discussion after 90 is the same as the “gift” CEO WenCheng fai. WenCheng fai has born in 93, in the field of Internet “seasoning” for three years, he was inspired from confusion to buy gifts for friends, introduced a gift that App, launch less than three months, the number of users has soared to more than 100. According to WenCheng fai himself, data completely true, and no fraud.

it’s not hard to find, “gift of domestic market is upgrading, from the original type smoke wine of interest exchange, to gradually into emotional communication stage now.” Gifts area, however, there are many competitors, such as hunting cloud network reported previously, there are sweet pie, birthday housekeeper application is aimed at the market, such as a gift market have sprung up vigorously.

so, “gift” with what can be applied in many gifts Deus ex, and follow the logic and other gift application form to distinguish what kind of products? To specific we see the

the current stage, the present said positioning is gift guide electric business platform, to recommend the present strategy as the core, collect the current trend of gifts and gifts, the method of the present popular gift for the user guide. Gift said similar to buy some of the common electric business class application, according to the different theme content list related goods. Presents the classification of the main from “object” and “personality” “occasion” in three dimensions, the OGC (Occupationally – generated Content, professional production of Content) to select Content to focus on a gift scenario, to help users make lover, family, friends and colleagues surprising birthday, holiday, memorial day.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, each theme or classification of goods, the present stage are derived from taobao, the user choice wants to buy gifts will jump straight to the taobao merchants to buy. In order to ensure that the user’s shopping experience, the team will be screening of goods, will replace the goods regularly, or with the same subject or under the category of goods, will replace uninterrupted, avoid the goods does not exist or is next, change the price and other issues.

it is understood that said gift belongs to guangzhou stickers information technology co., LTD, stickers information technology also has “post card” “post often qr code” two products, and their characteristic is to save recorded voice to the qr code, to bless. Audio qr code function, at the beginning of the business has achieved good market effect, the extension of function at the same time broaden the product research and development of thinking.

in the same way, WenCheng fai was inspired from the previous business, will “speak” the qr code function of embedded into the present said. Gifts that have their own entity qr code sticker, users can use first application to scan the qr code, then you can edit a photo and a sound and upload. Then this paper posted on send gifts, gift of people can use the App to scan the qr code, you can receive this blessing with sounds and pictures. Users can also cooperate with a card to use, gifts say “gift + voice” model to help users to send sincere wishes.

at the early stage, gift selection and weibo said popular cartoon, gift said on the App Store 100000 downloads in less than two weeks. In WenCheng hui, a lot of electricity business era is over, the distance and mobile electronic business represents the future, “gift” different starting points, also formed their own some advantages. Gifts that pays attention to the campus resources, stickers technology offline hundreds of colleges and universities and the national gift distribution channels; “Gift”, on the other hand, team to carefully screening quality as the core content, are more likely to win customer trust, the extension is more helpful for the future.

according to hunt cloud network, post last year won the innovation of science and technology valley angel investment one million yuan, after the beginning of the year again from sequoia capital, and capital, and the jade angel fund joint angel investment millions of yuan. Although present gift said there are many problems need to be solved, but after 90 WenCheng fai is confident. The current gift say buy goods stage; The second phase is build business platform; The third stage is the launch of the own brand, and gift says the goal is to do the first gift companies listed companies in China.

gift said

company: guangzhou stickers information technology co., LTD.


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