Get rid of the inherent bias industry, mobile games will become the new “core”

mobile game industry is in full swing now, quite a few people have agreed that it is the “core” gaming industry, to see the senior consultant for game Tadhg Kelly is how to say it. Tadhg Kelly is a senior consultant in the field of play, freelance designer, blog, What Games Are “the founding of the designers.

let’s discuss the problem that “Angle”, people’s understanding of the game industry is usually a one-sided, they often only according to their own game platform as the core, so as to deduce the everything. More and more people are think so and together they form a kind of subculture.

but not all of the subculture is right, for example, most of the game of journalists and YouTuber in that game and computer game is on the question of “core” game is divided, the other (Facebook games, online games, mobile games) is viewed as a leisure and entertainment.

this psychological game industry pattern has meet the media and the developers of the desire for a long time, you go to any game sites can be seen in their dynamic. Literally, for example, Gamespot would headlines were injected “PS4” for a long time, “the Wii U new according to the article,” these are line along the development of the gaming platform. Not only that, this also is those who support the E3 expo site most of the content, as a big news organizations to spread the Gospel of the game.

this “core” thinking mode has just become a practice game grow. Long long ago, games consoles and computers has been continually in the competition for the player to eyeball, players and subculture of self-identification is around them. This passage wants to tell us is that video games have taken over the world. Game industry even than the film industry prosperity, everyone is a gamer. Maybe so, if they don’t let the 150 million “takeover” happen, maybe “core” players might in the past 10 years, gradually developed into a group. They like to hear their master media universe, but actually they are not.

look at the impact on the PS4 are other reports of a new generation of games consoles, game media was excited to see this news will be. Games from many journalists and SONY have ambiguous already a long time, crazy, when they are looking forward to the PS3 issue when it issued, they found that crazy beyond their imagination, so they will continue to do so. In the game industry, this is the ups and downs of tolkien type game strong evidence of enterprise development. SONY (solon) has again and again on the industry (realm) throne (but SONY pay a lot of money to get there).

however, as I said in my Twitter, when you see the apple sold 10 million iphones in a weekend, every quarter sold 1200-14 million, 13.5 million, the figure is good enough? You can also look at samsung, frankly speaking, they sold number once madness. Even Microsoft Surface also reached nearly $1 billion in sales. In contrast, the Xbox One only sold 3 million units last year.

now I know that many of the “core” game fans laugh at those who buy mobile phones and tablet, cannot become the real “game players”. Although those can play mobile device can sell hundreds of millions a year, but the game culture center is the so-called “core” game. The situation looks more like a science fiction.

, according to a report of Newzoo 2015 mobile game industry will be in terms of income than game machine industry. Yes, you didn’t listen to wrong! A small game application (it may be paid, but more is free of charge) to bring the game industry has a long history, large bowl off the throne. It also don’t finish calculate, mobile game industry in 2017 will also with revenue growth of 30%, giving more established PC game in the shade.

when you think that involved money is amazing, but its influence is the most striking. Video games and computer games are usually between $40 to $60, this requires players to work hard to earn more money. Mobile games, by contrast, is a astronomical fee of $5, usually is $2. And, “hardcore” also need to use the equivalent of mobile game players to play the game, and 30 times as much money to every once in a while to update the gaming devices.

when mobile games are everywhere now, whether we can also say video games and computer games is the “core”? We should think about this sentence? Mobile games will not slow down. Unknowable suffering it is not a bubble, it will eventually return to reason and have loyal players, it has experienced the high Renaissance, stagnation, exploitation and a few times. However, people still crazy to download the mobile application, their tastes have never changed. I would be happy to announced that mobile game is the core of the now.

it can against the analogy and film and television, cell phones and as alternative film TV did not produce, “core” may be expensive, that can be seen everywhere. But I don’t agree with this view. In film, TV mode, the user to choose between them is often see his mood. This is different from the game, because the players need to pay money to buy the game platform. This difference is like liked music and high-end music hardware, this is a more difficult choice.

as a result, the old “core” become the new “experts”. When the old subculture in once narrow tracks found their position, host game won the recognition of the mainstream. It’s also one of the mobile game is now facing. Have to do now is to make mobile game development and publishing more artistic and creative. As I mentioned last week, HBO show mobile culture.

this change and its potential mining brought many problems to the developer. One question is whether the mobile game is setting up a large number of new “core” players (seems to be so) – people who can say was gaming. Another question is whether we need to find a suitable media industry, to start around mobile games. This is a very strange question today, but I still have to say it again, it is largely “Angle” problem. We think this is strange because we haven’t see that coming.

but the third question is whether mobile games will become a bridge to reverse the game industry bias. If I was a woman in the game, I really want to ask if I know the devil is there, if I still in situ don’t move (as men in the game, in fact, I also will ask so)? I will disturb their conservative views and old gaming platform, or looking at a brand new start? Steam in the age of people really care about the iPhone or Android users?

as I said at the beginning, this is a “Angle” problem. When Gamergate around looking for regeneration method, didn’t find anything but reveals the core, the quality of the old is disgusting and unbearable. It is smaller than it looks, demand more and more expensive. When mobile games become the new core, new games and with stand the gossip?



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