German online order platform Delivery Hero raised $350 million

4 September, online order platform Delivery Hero received $350 million in financing, the current market valuation of more than $1 billion. Such a big investment, investors would be enough to see that for network in advance the interest of the enterprise.

according to the company, its total get financing from venture capital institutions has more than $635 million. As early as in the earlier this year, the company has just won 88 million dollars in venture capital.

this round of financing investors including Insight Venture Partners, Kite Investment Ventures and Vostok Nafta.

Insight Venture Partners, Bradley? Sid (Bradley Twohig) confirmed the institutions involved in the investment, but declined to give further details.

Delivery Hero was established in October 2010, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, now more than 800 employees, is currently in 23 countries on five continents reservation services, covering 7.5 restaurant, but has yet to enter the American market.

the company spokesman said: “at present we have no plans to enter the American market, now we will focus on the current market.”

in the near future, the investment on the market a lot of news shows that network room business is becoming a rapid development of industry. In April, America’s biggest online food delivery service website GrubHub listed after raising $85 million, the current market value of $3.21 billion. During the same month, the British centre website Just Eat after raising $130 million listed on the London stock exchange, the current market value has reached $1.61 billion. (li)

source: tencent technology

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