Garment + : to search based on image recognition. The expanding shopping new pattern

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“woman’s closet is never short of a dress”, reflects the women has innate advantages and huge potential consumer market, female consumption desire, consumption ability and times of consumer goods has increased, market bring huge business opportunities to the female, at the same time, the love photo shopping women are born to be perceptual visual animals, the pursuit of fashion, adhere to the target customer groups such as the makeup, costumes for women in the differentiation of the vertical field development opportunity.

however, in reality, when in the street, watch TV, through magazines, brush a circle of friends, see at the first sight of clothing, want to buy but can’t or don’t have time to use the right words to describe, to pass by. In the era of personality publicity, women are never satisfied the pursuit of fashion, don’t want to be full screen shopping recommend brainwashed, just want to find what you want, to meet women “wysiwyg” fragmented mobile shopping needs.

in the face of market demand and pain points women shopping market to be solved urgently, in July this year launched a “application to search garments” garment + gradually attracted people’s attention. Garment +, from the high value of women user groups, image recognition search engine based on fashion, realize to search the clothes shopping way, users can buy anytime and anywhere through the image search fashions, search and deep learning by a new generation of image recognition technology to connect image with people, goods, to excavate potential commercial value in the mobile Internet mass image data. Founder zhang mo integration team members from Stanford, Singapore academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences, baidu and other technical advantages, USES the international leading the depth of the convolutional neural network technology, image recognition accuracy from 60% – 70% to 90% – 70%. Zhang MoDui cloud network hunting, “in the next five years to use images and voice to express the demand will be more than 50%, the proportion of the demand expression is a type of most and life style (lifestyle).”

garment + “to search the clothes shopping way widely followed, the specific to the product function, garment + follow how product logic and ordinary shopping way to distinguish? Concrete analysis are the following:

1, in an effort to search the clothes. Users search by taking pictures or upload pictures out of the same and similar fashion clothing purchases, help users to realize “wysiwyg” fragmentation shopping demand, at the same time, garment + includes selection of Amazon, Farfech, up, H& M the goods 140 overseas e-commerce sites, such as data, and the day of the domestic cat, taobao’s commodity data, search and deep learning by a new generation of image recognition technology to dig the potential business in the mobile Internet mass image data information.

2, optimization search. Garment + application in the search results will list based on the pictures show, users can also through product category, color, price and other conditions to improve the search results.

3, social interaction. Garment + community is a temperature application, through community users to share photos and interactive forms, in the upload images and add brand, style, character, such as any tag, help users search from Paris, milan, London, New York, one of the most popular style. By importing the relationship between social network acquaintances, friends hobbies, according to the fashions develop cohesive user.

4, PK star. By uploading your dress in the photo, the system will according to the star fan index, dressed for you find you the most like the star, to increase the fun of shopping.

garment + is the fashion to search the garment (Dress +) applications, support web sites, mobile phones and Google Glass, can be used in each big app store download, garment + application guide “tool + + community” model gradually widely recognized by users, in December 2013 they get some angel investors in silicon valley in the United States. When it comes to clothing + entrepreneurial success, zhang mo, “new mode of shopping and dress vertical niche is the development trend of garment + to key factors of success.”

garment + is the essence of image recognition based on artificial intelligence search engine, and baidu picture search function is similar, only from the search methods and content is difficult to distinguish between the two relative slightly, but the focus of “application to search garments” clothing + compared with baidu picture search function, in the clothing search vertical niche.


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time: July 2014


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