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Yves Behar sit between the SAN francisco-based design firm Fuseproject sunny room, behind a huge white board. A leather were on the table in front of his sketch book, above a piece of land in the east a west with his great ideas, sketches and other incipient, anyone can see the things on this. Many stars designer may like protection of state secrets, protect their creativity, Behar, don’t mind. His design studio Fuseproject is like a big open book, open, open.

“we don’t have a secret.” This shocking designer said, with a hint of French chamber. “Painting on the wall are all work in progress, so that the old employees and new employees do jobs, you can see everything. There is no united, class struggle. Our work is always full of fight.”

Fuseproject with their enthusiasm apple after leading the era of silicon valley’s most fashionable design style. In Behar created in 15 years, the company in the studio’s magnum opus household with homemade soda machine SodaStream Source, OLPC (One Laptop per Child welfare plan, advocate every Child should have a Laptop computer) for cheap children education tablets, wireless speaker, the speaker for Herman miller, general electric, and even Prada these big brand design. In the face of the rapid development of science and technology, Behar unceasingly enterprising, his efforts for Fuseproject has brought more than 200 awards, including component by very heavy “hewitt national award issued by the national museum.

“Yves work is easy to understand, but the crazy finally fully in simple spirit.” Fabrics Herbst said. He is Herbst Produkt design studio partners, as well as the bay area Slice of creative director of household products company, is also one of Behar clients. “Sometimes, gadgets like the speaker on the bookshelf is indispensable, it can be clearly shows a person’s life style.”

but Behar not only have the power to disruptive innovations, to redefine the basic rules of design industry. He refused to associate and customer relationship with employment type, but with more aggressive entrepreneurs attitude and more adventurous spirit, will Fuseproject DNA and the integration of small start-ups customers. When so many design studio is still in flat type of communication, in order to charge a fee for each project to do the way of communication with customers, Fuseproject equity exchange through the design with our customer, in order to customers to establish long-term and all-round integrated relations of cooperation. This strategy has since founded Fuseproject in Behar blueprint.

“I hope to establish a different kind of business model to serve the companies, create value for both sides.” Behar said, “this way is more human, but the effect is much better. For me, for entrepreneurs to make long-term design make it appear more important.”

Fuseproject partners, in the initial stage of startup companies have more than two dozen, and distribution in different vertical. Jawbone such as science and technology company, it is the speaker and the motion tracker UP behind the company, Behar as its chief creative officer for more than 10 years. August the company released a set of the home smart door lock system can be connected to the Internet, Behar is the company’s co-founder, truly he injected design all aspects of the product.

“we started cooperation with Yves as yourself and don’t have the ability to build a world-class design team. But can we created Yves environment where he can be the partner of this product. Facts have proved that this model is of great benefit to us, “the Jawbone co-founder Hosain Rahman said,” so that we can make full use of Fuseproject all personnel and resources, and when all goes well, they also found that the excess returns, they are getting is much better than cooperation benefits based on the pattern of charge; The result is a win-win situation.”

into startups

Behar was born in 1967 in Switzerland, father is the turks, mother is German. Behar favorite adventure. One afternoon at the age of 16, he tied skis to the mast of a small sailing ship, ran away from home near lucerne surf to set sail on a frozen lake. “People is very dangerous, but do not do things really made me excited.” He laughed.

after graduating from high school, Behar will no longer accept formal education, but taking a small local art school learning to paint. “Apart from me there are more than 20 students, not as an adolescent, to be expelled by the high school is a painting of flowers and plants of retired worker.” He recalls. Within nine months, Behar attained remarkable achievements, he was admitted to the Los Angeles art center college of design, where he received a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. Then he went to the Michigan Grand cedar Rapids, into the headquarters office furniture maker Steelcase internship there. Later, after working for Frog design companies and Lunar design company, Behar settled in San Francisco.

“I saw in the mid – 90 – s, the development of science and technology is how to design help.” Behar said, “silicon valley shows to the world so many new things, new equipment, new company, new brand, but have not been able to design what important role in it.”

Behar began to thrive in this script in the corner of “design”. He is Lunar a new designer, has been and apple began the cooperation. He then led for HP (37.28, 0.14, 0.37%) design of the Pavilion series, this is the first time the HP PC series for the domestic market.

in 1999, established the Fuseproject Behar. “I use the Fuse (convergence) named because I see there are a lot of brands to submit requirements for different party b, the final effect is very not harmonious.” He said, “the most powerful design should be done by an entire team. Team of brand promotion and product design team should be and the user experience team, industrial design and packaging design team close cooperation under the same idea. In order to create great products, sets up the unique brand, you have to start from a strategic point of – this is something we have been in training – but it also requires interdisciplinary knowledge fusion.”

Fuseproject with its own unique proposition in the bay area competitive design market, bring a series of bizarre gadgets. Behar for teenagers Philou conditioner designed a slightly to the right of the bottle. This award winning will bottle on permanent display in the San Francisco museum of modern art, beside it and Behar designed for Spacescent futuristic perfume bottles and UP.

in 2004, Behar won a higher visibility. With his Sling in foster city, California media two co-founder Jason and Krikorian cooperation, introduced the streaming media Slingbox equipment, for the user to transmit the home show on television to mobile devices. Fuseproject work closely with Sling media, participated in the Slingbox throughout the development process, and take the brand, color and packing and so on a series of design work.

in the middle of 2005, Slingbox sales, market popularity. In September 2007, the satellite signal service Echostar for $380 million acquisition of the Sling media. But Fuseproject didn’t get any benefits in the deal, this makes Behar chagrin. “I enjoy the job, because I can affect a brand completely. But we cannot set standards for this purpose. We want to completely meet the needs of every customer. But in terms of the investment event, we should also be rewarded.”

Back way to

Behar is hired Mitch Pergola Fuseproject help redefine the core business model, and the latter, a former Frog and vice President, general manager, responsible for overseeing Frog business execution in the west coast of the United States. “Yves want to do different things, which USES modern manner creative consultant work, make ideas around the typical business trap.” Pergola said. He is now Fuseproject COO and operating partners. “At first we just do the copyright trade, the settlement of the royalties is that we do business. But we soon realized, not only you can sell the design copyright, bet more can also. Fuseproject today is no longer a to sell the copyright of the company, we are investors.”

the use of vc thinking in design company

Fuseproject has established a set of risk investment as the prototype method of cooperation and reached an agreement with the Jawbone. Jawbone was founded in 1999, was named Aliph, specifically for the U.S. military to provide noise reduction technology solutions. The project in the later can derive Jawbone hangers type special phone bluetooth headset, it can help users to eliminate almost all the background noise. Fuseproject began in 2003 with the Jawbone cooperation, in subsequent years, Behar in guiding the Jawbone headset products many times iterative development, and participate in the Jawbox speakers and UP the design process. UP is the first paragraph of the Jawbone audio products, can help users to track daily activity data, such as sleep, calories, and so on.

Jawbone has raised $370 million, $3.3 billion valuation. Although Fuseproject signed what stake in 10 years ago with the Jawbone terms have not known, but the use of innovative design in the concept of equity, like Fuseproject those works, with Behar distinct personal style. He said that business model “for the partners and their work provides a unique way. As time goes on, our service will be more accord with their needs, and cooperation, the longer, the more obvious effect. We are definitely at the right time to provide the correct value “.

in order to make the fullest use of these values, 25 were in early stage start-ups contact Fuseproject once a week, to discuss the future partnership. Fuseproject interview with six or seven venture company every week, but every year, only three or four selected companies to cooperate.

Fuseproject recognised the startup of scores in the eyes of investors will increase greatly. “Everyone knows in silicon valley, if a startup can work with the Fuse, will greatly increase the success rate, or at least reduced risk a lot.” Pergola said.

Behar can change the rules of the game in the search for the start-up, the company can satisfy the imagination of investors, exciting. Fuseproject choosing future investment projects, will consider whether the company is suitable for yourself, and whether the company entrepreneurial projects with other competitors. In addition, the future partners need to use strong work enthusiasm and execution impress Behar and Pergola. As for the specific financial terms, according to each startup capital position and Fuseproject’s role in daily work.

August in San Francisco, smart door lock company, developed a keyless smart door lock system, using a password on a smartphone or computer technology for users to switch doors in the home. The company boss persuaded Behar become a co-founder of the company. “First met Yves is at a TED conference.” Before the company CEO Jason Johnson recalls, he has created two App development company, were BlueSprig and Rethink the Books. “When I began to seriously study the smart door locks, the first time found the Yves. I said, ‘I’m looking for products for the designer, but I more hope you can be my partner, together to create the company. ‘such a thing, he had never done before.”

Johnson said, adding that Behar, co-founder of title is not just an honorary title. “He do far more than a designer. He is a good businessman. We talk about much more than the content of the design – we will discuss all aspects of the business, make strategic decisions together. He enjoy the process, like design good products enjoy.”

“one person one laptop”

Fuseproject headquarters covers an area of 2.2 square feet, in the San Francisco industrial Potrero Hill area of a warehouse, here is the center of the San Francisco design culture vigorous development. The facade of the building is full of graffiti, is Fuseproject come before, generally held here a network activity. Headquarters in the lobby as Fused Space exhibition Space, for display of contemporary art and design work, such as Julian Hoeber solo exhibition “Inners”, on behalf of exhibits is a is composed of two step device, used to display paintings, sculpture and other works of enclosed Space.

“we live in a world full of ideas.” Behar said. He come across Hoeber solo exhibition ladder device, Fuseproject workspace. “Both startup ideas and design ideas, or artistic thought, I always for these crazy chase creative people in our lives. The idea of creative drive life, I like it. I often quote: ‘design ideas, let people understand their ideas. ‘in many ways, helped design the creative execution.”

he is keen to communicate new ideas. nullnullnullnullnullnull

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