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traditional industries, the Internet is an inevitable trend, it also bring an opportunity for the development of O2O mode. But as an influx of O2O business projects, O2O mode did not succeed, the reason is that the businessman impose himself O2O mode on consumers, rather than from the perspective of consumer demand. Therefore, how to realize the interaction between online, take the initiative to stimulate consumer spending is O2O mode worthy of embedding problem.

recently exposed to a startup project called “boring”, product positioning is O2O experiential marketing platform, the traditional product trial and distributing marketing means such as Internet, starting from their own purchase demand, so as to realize the interaction of marketing online. Cloud network that hunting fun with direct significance to consumer demand and brand marketing interaction, greatly enhance the brand’s precision marketing, thus stimulate O2O mode “positive energy”.

distributing is an expensive marketing, is the way of specific samples by specific passed to specific people. Embodies in interesting take, you need to be supported by intelligent terminal, implement marketing from offline to online and then fall to the ground to offline, complete a closed loop.

take products specific to boring, boring and mode is first by the user interest and APP/WeChat, to participate in the activities of their favorite brands get qr code (proof), then the user a qr code to FET (placed in the interest of the shopping malls, office buildings and terminal) scan for brand on the delivery of products, the last interesting and motivating users online bask in samples, feelings and thoughts. Obviously, boring with the core idea of precipitation in the “fun” and “take” two links.

the theme of “fun” through boring online process. Online fun with App month activity has remained close to social product, on the frequent degree of interest in mobile terminal provides almost all way means, Internet marketing can provide a variety of forms and activities make the user feel interesting. Fun with 0 yuan sent storm such as National Day, double 11 Beijing open “send underwear $0” activities, etc.; On the other hand “interesting” embody in offline terminal of the LCD panel. Fun took the LCD can cooperate with the user’s machine code, appear all sorts of wacky video, such as when take the moon cake to a sister chang e, chest took out a pair of moon cake to you.

interest of experiential marketing model, essential breakthrough on the improvement of the user consumption habits. For use, the core of “take” is embodied in the “no” “no force”, “take the initiative to take” three aspects second boring with product update only fit user consumption demand, as you can imagine when boring with terminals and network of scale, boring with or users can form a kind of consumption habits.

in addition, the boring with user locked in young white-collar workers and members of the user. Boring machine layout targeted, can reach the office directly and white-collar users. Interest can get through the methods of binding mobile phone micro letter, record every time consumers receive products, to know more about your consumer habits and interests. Through user behavior analysis and credit system, accurately send every consumers favorite products reached his hand.

so far, domestic and similar products almost no interest with mode, boring and is moving in the domestic leading experiential marketing services in the direction of development. According to cloud network understanding, hunting fun take directly distributing food brands are: grain, unified, Coca-Cola, nestle, day oh and subway Lin, etc.; Cosmetics brands are: nivea, damned, shiseido, kans and borghese, etc.; Secondly boring with nearly three million app users, active nearly 10%, at the end of 2014, boring with terminal in Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou network covered more than 100.

although interest pattern is gradually recognized by people, and has obtained some achievements, but there are still many problems to be solved in front, the highlight is how to solve the problem of interest with terminal node number and traffic.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting fun in July last year for the eagle millions of angel investment funds. Mature, in the future, in fun mode can shift from self-built point for authorization and the agent, let its development on its own. Is another pattern with the combination of vending machines, from online engineer them, makes the vending machine is also able to support interesting patterns.

interesting take

company: Shanghai boring to network technology co., LTD.


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