Fu Cheng reading notes: Moonshot, what next?

article | cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng

the end of September, I had visited former apple CEO sculley in silicon valley. The old man is 75 years old now, but still looks full of vitality. He spent a whole morning time to communicate with us, is very amiable, equality, honesty, leave me a deep impression. In the end, introduces the new book to us “Moonshot!” . There is no Chinese version, I can only use their broken English roughly translated as “frenzy” :

the book he is analyzed, the understanding of the business and predict the future coincides with the idea of a cheetah stands for a lot of views, such as the user experience is the highest, and so on.

here I put a small part of the reading notes to share with everyone:

1, the next wave of economic power to transform from traditional manufacturing to consumers as the center.

2, the most powerful future success model contains two elements: a, experience than users think; Second, the price of the subversive.

3, the global economy because of the participation of Asia, made to a previously unimaginable destructive commodity prices around the world.

4, any time in the history of technology, driven by nature are human continuously eliminate the process of information gap.

5, globalization is a great future. It is a human ideas and information integration of a big change, is to eliminate the boundary of a landmark event.

6, cross-border integration between different areas and industry, will produce unimaginable innovation.

7, rules of the whole world has changed, “the user first” as the first principle.

8, the user is becoming more and more clever – this is the mobile Internet bring the biggest change. They don’t do anything, also will be more and more intelligent.

9, do a embrace change innovators (be an adaptive innovator) : adaptive reality, ready to embrace change, continuously make change.

10, the future of entrepreneurs is this: a group of curious and optimistic, enthusiastic, embrace change of innovators.

11, science and technology in the field of the big four have hit “tsunami” big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, mobile.

12, outdated traditional commercial society, largely disappeared, even the so-called successful enterprises may become the victim of past successful experience.

13, who set up the user driven, end-to-end system company, amazon, ebay, Google, baidu, alibaba, tencent, will become the biggest winner.

14, all authorized middle managers in the company, is the biggest antibody, build new culture revolution, hampering the company self and become a victim of its success. Why did they even misunderstand their success, and the places where success often become their biggest failure in the future.

15, it’s too hard to change a company. Must re-establish a scale, make the company’s value system.

16, if an organization of an old process that everyone can have a good time, and even make you feel trust, the company unadventurously, firmly no problem when I was walking forward, it may be wrong.

17, the company at any time, the need to master a kind of basic law, the law is the great changes of this era – profit centered mode is turning, really set up with user experience as the core model.

18, the so-called new technology revolution, it is business rules completely rewritten. All companies will be a huge change and impact. Don’t want to adjust and face up to the user’s company will be eliminated, willing to make the change and adapt to the company to prosperity to survive.

19, in the future, the machine will eliminate more white-collar.

20, 00 after “millennials”, are receiving the best education, but also will face the fewest jobs in history.

21, the next chance come from? It must be more personalized, more powerful, predictable, customizable, everyone can pay at a low price.

22, every Moonshot, begins with a lofty goal (noble cause) – he always wanted to make the world a better place. Noble goal difficult to achieve, and even look silly. But those who do not work for profit and for mission struggle of entrepreneurs to make the impossible possible, may become the facts.

note: “Moonshot”, meaning a crazy idea, or a change in trend. It looks avant-garde radical, unthinkable, it’s almost impossible to achieve, even never see results. Once achieved, however, will be like the tsunami struck to produce a great change of people’s lives.

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