Fu Cheng: my three predictions for the next ten years

note: hunting cloud on the 10th anniversary of the first financial daily “brainstorming” program recording the scene, published a cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng predicts the business in the future ten years, tell me about some of your Chinese business in the future.

, he said, first of all, the Internet will change all sectors, all industries, any industry and can be reconstructed; Second, change the world in the next decade is a Chinese company for ten years; Third, the next ten years is a venture of ten years.

the following is a transcript part, have cut:

hello, ten years for human history is just a moment, but for a person is ten long years. Just the film for everyone has reviewed the development of China in the past ten years, I want to review from my own point of view I over the past ten years.

ten years ago, it should be twelve years ago, I came to Beijing alone, become one of the “north drift”. I live in the basement, crowded buses, start in another company, and runs.

ten years, I became an entrepreneur from a product manager, from being an entrepreneur, CEO of a listed company. When the five-star red flag waving nyse gate on Wall Street, when I stood in the bell on the stage in the light of the bell of the day, it in my heart is full of excitement. But I have been asking myself, why I can do this? Is because I really strong?

then I thought, no, because I just caught up with the golden decade, caught up in the past ten years in the development of Chinese big, catch up with the Internet speeding forward ten years.

this decade gave me such a struggle of ordinary youth unparalleled opportunities from basic level. Look at the past ten years, again in the future ten years. I believe that the human society in accelerating, in the next decade are able to give us a spectacular, is no way to imagine in the past decade.

so, I have three in the next decade:

first, the Internet will change all sectors, all industries, any industry and can be reconstructed.

in the just-concluded “double ten”, you know, on that day, taobao generated sales of 57 billion, this is what a horrible data, how much is the traditional retail, traditional business a year is also short of data, but quickly completed under the wonders of the Internet.

this is not a simple case, but a tidal wave.

I think the Internet in the past decade, in the process of the development of the internal information, has constructed the consciousness of the brain’s communication between person and person, this is the whole ever in human history.

today, this is a show called “brain storm”, brainstorming is to put all the wisdom of the people together to form different wisdom, then let all mankind, and all the wisdom of the Chinese Internet together, formed the new, the biggest brainstorming.

everyone smarter, and the profound changes in every industry. Both manufacturing, financial, banking and health care, education, and even the future of space, will be profound changes in the way because of the Internet, this.

we can imagine, ten years later we in retrospect, we see not only baidu, alibaba, tencent, we can see is many traditional companies are no longer exists. Maybe the traditional banking, insurance has become the network transaction form, make every time you take out a cellular phone, can enjoy the most convenient service directly.

so, I think in the next decade, such transformation makes the cost is lower, both manufacturing and finance, you can use a special low price, enjoy a very good life. More people not only in the original industrial manufacturing to complete my life, but because of interest, the hobby began a new life.

second, change the world in the next decade is a Chinese company for ten years.

in the past time, cheetah move took only one year, the global mobile terminal received more than 200 million monthly active users, including a total of 340 million China mobile month to live. Not because we are especially strong, but because of the Internet and mobile Internet make the world more flat.

the original regional markets into a unified network market, any company can be in this unified big market, to complete their own race. At this time to the Chinese people and Chinese companies provide opportunities is unprecedented.

in the past decade, China’s Internet mode is more a copy the American model to China. But after 10 years of development, China’s Internet pattern already more and more shows its own uniqueness and independent creative.

and, more importantly, as the younger generation, especially after 80, 90 after growing, more and more have more independent consciousness and creativity of young people into the industry.

I think that China’s Internet has begun to guide the Internet around the world.

you know “a” double tenth day due to the volume surge, alibaba is worth more than $300 billion. China is now in the world have tencent, alibaba two over billions of dollars of listed companies. As a company is only more than three years, cheetah listed at $2 billion, namely the market value compared with American companies during this period, not only is inferior, but also a relatively high and low.

in the future, I think that China’s population of dividends, the Chinese market the dividend, makes the Chinese companies to go global, real change the world is no longer a slogan.

I’m sure there will be more Chinese companies doing business in the whole world, let the people of the world really is, as ms dong said enjoy technology products from China. Both software and hardware, the future of China and the United States should be the Internet great game at the poles.

third, the next ten years is a universal business ten years.

before the rise of the Internet, people value is not enough to be respected, more and more people is to be a traditional industrial system of a screw, a link or a widget.

but in the next decade, the Internet has made a sharp change of the distance between person and person, the company has become no longer important, large organizations began to collapse, people were greatly exert the value of, more and more small companies, business more and more companies began to change the world.

may be only a few people’s strange it can really become a reality. Provided such opportunity era of mass production, the company has capital, technology, talent resources, will be among the changes become less important. Like the Great Wall, when the invention of firearms, it is an instant breakthrough.

I believe that everyone in the future can be according to their interests, hobbies, to open my own business, don’t need merely to obey a large system.

and the big companies? They must change quickly, let yourself with these talented individuals produce docking, even for these talented individuals to truly become a dominant, themselves become a part of it. Only in this way, can we really make the next ten years, great changes happened in everybody’s life.

dickens said, “this is a the worst of times, is also one of the best times”. But I’m an optimist, only the best of times in my eyes, only this great era.

we step on today, I think at this point in time, can match any past a great era, including the industrial age, sailing age, the Renaissance, and even more so. So, faced with such an exciting future ten years, I believe, I also hope that we can work together with me, thank you.

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