Fu Cheng: entrepreneurship is like playing blame upgrade, there is an opportunity, no one refused to kill more strange

cloud network hunting note: in the traditional sense, Fu Cheng was a successful entrepreneurs, the wealth, status, reputation, he is not short. But his “ambition”, apparently, does not stay in this, he said many times, already and the previous “own” draw a line. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Fu Cheng said it is like playing blame upgrade, there is an opportunity, no one refused to kill more strange. It is said that he had from being aspires “pawn” into a simmering “overlord”.

the author: Zhu Xiaopei appeared in the original “bazaar”

a long time, people talk about Fu Cheng, always cannot leave Zhou Hongyi, ma huateng, lei jun, and Fu Cheng as their “pawn”. Outside more often regard him as a profile of a “sacrifice”, “pawn” ma huateng, lei jun “good student”, and so on. However, listed are helping Fu Cheng get rid of these symbols. It is said that he had from being aspires “pawn” into a simmering “overlord”.

Fu Cheng are known, including himself. “there is nothing bad about pawn, if is chess, you go to the front is the queen.” Fu Cheng thinks, what he experiences, experience of growing up is just a normal, even jobs also start from the work, this is not a disgrace. He had said in a meeting, “don’t need to brush by Zhou Hongyi presence”. This is not the Fu Cheng.

compared with four years ago, many Fu Cheng confidence. 2008 years ago, as the top head of 360 security guards, he always has a dozen not the battle of the product. 2010 years later, his second startup as a cheetah mobile CEO, and couldn’t finish business battle. Today, he managed to prove himself, get, put down.

Beijing time on May 8, 9 PM, Fu Cheng wearing Google Glass in nyse rings the bell, round face, he looks very geek. Then every guest xiao-hui xu, vice President, had asked Fu Cheng public feeling, he replied like a dream. But Fu Cheng understand, listed is not just a symbol of change. “listed after the matter, you curse is lifted, your mental pressure is released. To rethink the whole goal in life, you are going to watch the world changes dramatically.”

move to cheetahs, landed on the nyse means from the capital market recognition and a global awareness, and attract a better talent; Listed for Fu Cheng, have some sort of ritual feeling, make him with a clear dividing line with the past. He gained greater recognition and began to share his on various occasions about doing “purple cattle on the tuyere” point of view.

Fu Cheng, along with Fu Cheng in front of the world, has become more different.

purple cow is differentiation, if you want to fly high, be about to make a distinctive purple cattle products

at the end of September, 2014, Fu Cheng line of people came to the valley, visited, including Twitter, Facebook, is recognized as the most subversive star company, in his view, the company is often referred to the representative of the purple cow.

“purple cow is differentiation.” On September 23rd Fu Cheng visited the Twitter office in San Francisco, communicate with CEO Costolo, senior management team. Fu Cheng said, compared with Facebook and sets, Twitter content creation, and the content of short stick to 140 words of instant communication, is it the most “purple cow” variations among the different cantons.

“entrepreneurship to dacheng, must find can let the typhoon mouth the pigs fly to heaven.” Millet founder lei jun 2011, business trend to follow along with the Internet. As gold, this sentence by many entrepreneurs to do “pig” on the tuyere as the goal. Fu Cheng further think, just do “pig” on the tuyere is not enough. “When the pigs, tuyere has again big wind cannot blow at the same time so many pigs. If you want to fly high, have to do tuyere purple cow, seize the trend, different products.”

12 years ago, Fu Cheng reading yahoo Seth Gordon’s global vice President “the purple cow.” Gordon imagination to the purple cow impressed Fu Cheng – ma black and white cow, is spectacular, but see more will lose freshness, if appears a purple cow, just once, is enough to be gifted with photographic memory. Cheetah move and cheetahs cleaning master abroad achievements more determined to do his “purple cow” belief. Master in Fu Cheng view, clear the cheetah is the typical purple cattle products, this product’s success lies in his methodology.

Fu Cheng is a firm believer of methodology. Cheetahs at the beginning of the movement (the former golden hill network) was established, had 20 million-plus Fu Cheng, avoid “guard products” main battlefield, “saucepans do DuBa”. After “3 q war broke out,” conveniently, tencent capital jinshan. Fu Cheng summarized a set of methodology of “from the edge to the center”, to avoid the worst of the red sea market, from the edge of the blank to break. Two years later, Fu Cheng choose smaller incision and not easy to be noticed by the opponent clear cell phone, for the whole company’s resources, to make the layout of the “overseas + mobile”, formed his another set of methodology, “the goal, the path, the resources syllogism”.

and “purple cow” two words truly from Fu Cheng head popped out and form a set of theory, began Fu Cheng and business partners in a trip to the United States. In 2012, Fu Cheng sitting with several VP economy class for the first time to fly to the United States, living in the ghetto was a small cheap hotel. A few people bought a $10 a bottle of red wine, between half drunk half waking, Fu Cheng suddenly a clap a thigh, “brothers, we must do the internationalization, must start from the us market.” Although everybody hear puzzling, but nodded.

as early as the first trip to the United States, Fu Cheng noticed that American consumers are more willing to choose foreign brands. Such as samsung mobile phones, Japanese cars, Korean TV. The core of the products is tools, cultural attribute is not strong. In addition, American innovation has focused on the more social and O2O areas. In this big move tool category, Google Play list China, much less to the product quality and no leader to advance to the quarterfinals, market concentration is not high also, and even some experience poor software is still in charge.

after two months, because accidentally get a free booth in the United States, Fu Cheng took a few second to the United States, he found that the Chinese people’s perception of the Internet is not worse than americans; One year later, the third time when Fu Cheng and executives in the United States, this time he decided, decided to internationalization.

after back to Beijing, he appointed the cheetah mobile CTO Xu Ming and CMO, Mr. Liu to go to America to study. “I can’t, must be at home. You go to the United States, are not allowed to be back in a month, all can visit the company visit it again.” In this way, Xu Ming responsible for driving, Mr. Liu is responsible for the communication in English. After a month, they finished Fu Cheng hand over to treat several tasks: to find the office, registered company in the United States, for the first American workers, and decided to start through Google Play free application.

“is one of the world people’s common demand for free. This, Chinese companies become adept. Fu Cheng said. Both from the free mode and tool development level, the Chinese company. And early in 3721, qihoo 360 working experience and 3 q war experience also help Fu Cheng every success in the United States.

on September 22, Facebook’s headquarters in San Francisco, founder of the “Information” Jessica asked Fu Cheng, “cheetah move such a Chinese company why more weight is given to the U.S. market?” Fu Cheng answer, from the beginning of 2013, the cheetah is given priority to with Google Play battlefield opens the road of internationalization, only a year, cheetahs live users from more than 4000 global mobile month rose to 300 million, the United States has become the largest overseas users.

today, cheetah mobile has a market value of $2.296 billion (as of October 13), than the day of closing of $1.95 billion, up more than $1.95 billion. Company’s second-quarter results show that by the end of June 2014, all its mobile application installed capacity of about 660 million. Application data analysis App Annie, according to a report of the world’s top 50 in Google Play the game mobile applications, the cheetah has four product (cheetah cleaning master, jinshan battery doctor, jinshan mobile phone DuBa, cheetah browser). “We in the whole world has 14 million users on Google Play score, averaging 4.7 points, almost above all downloads millionaire APP.” Fu Cheng said proudly.

has the vision to landscape, have the pattern to have a big goal

in May 2014, cheetah, Fu Cheng took more than 50 mid-level to go to the United States, the company for them to deal with the passport in advance. After a lot of people don’t even have a passport. “No passport internationalized vision do you speak?” Fu Cheng want employees have more opportunity to go out.

alibaba, Fu Cheng dig out that video ma has more than ten years ago. Ma mentioned, taobao in the future competition from silicon valley, Chinese can compete with silicon valley. “In 1999, Mr Ma dare think so, not just because he is a teacher of English, have been to America?” Fu Cheng said. Ma has stepped down as CEO, he all to find out the speech, Mr Ma also mentions the ma said in a word, English is not a tool, but a vision.” Fu Cheng that vision is very important. With the vision to pattern, the pattern have a big goal.

Fu Cheng has studied all listed in the us is, in many of the company’s market value has remained within the $4 billion, “if have the opportunity to do more, why don’t you do that? Nature is not enough.” Like to play online games Fu Cheng think, if there is an opportunity, no one will refuse to kill more strange.

listed, Fu Cheng and cheetahs are more daring to spend money. Zhang, dare to spend money, is a good thing.

Fu Cheng reconsiders oneself spend too cautious in business in the past. “If in the same time can create more value, should have more investment in this area. In order to promote the last year, we had prepared for the zero profit, in the end we still a profit. But the promotion or less, is used to save money province.” Fu Cheng reflect that in the Internet age, saving nature miss the opportunity. “I claim not to waste money, but I want to clear strategic direction in large-scale investment, and spare no efforts. If can do the biggest, buy is time and opportunity.”

a follow Fu Cheng business years of old employees think, “CEO Fu Cheng is a little temperament. Sometimes very angry youth, is a little small, relatively tradition.” The staff said that “he can have more rare is the details of the vision of big and small, can not only see the surface, deep can also be tied to a point.” Fu Cheng, in his opinion, is a distinct, personality and rebellious boss likes and dislikes.

as a cheetah mobile products division staff told the bazaar man, he feels a lot of pressure when dealing with Fu Cheng. Sometimes to a small, need a long cycle to improve effect, Fu Cheng will under the condition of the manpower and time tight asked him to quickly finish. “He felt there must be a point to highlight the differences and to perfection, to be different.”

two months ago, Fu Cheng let technology colleague splurged on purchasing equipment, set up internal live video platform. Then Fu Cheng give full sent an email to open the middle weekly meeting, everyone can live in their own seat watching conference. He wrote in his email, “whenever possible, we can’t become level is various, distinct, bloated bureaucracy and dreadful big company, we should be able to do is equal, open and sharing of the cheetah move.”

if previous Fu Cheng just a focus on product manager; Now Fu Cheng, became a stood in a more large, from the consciousness higher strategic thinking about problems of the CEO role.

recently, Fu Cheng turned an article in the circle of friends “liu bei is how to find the rich dad”, he so comment below: “is not how much you more powerful so you dream of, but how big is your dream you have a more powerful.”

delusion with changeless should change at this time is not possible, have to fiddle with

“read the Lord of the rings? First, gandalf and inflammation battle, falling off a cliff. But the second he came out, and turned into a white robe. A person want to make some things, have to withstand a lot of things. You have to accept it in the heart.” Sitting in a lei jun to send red manager larry, Fu Cheng mentioned several times in the “Lord of the rings” plot.

this is 8 PM on September 18, the Beijing sihuan road exceptionally clear, Fu Cheng are from the south third ring road to the north of pangu seven star to meet an important guest. Since then, he will also meet with lei jun.

Fu Cheng admits, lei jun and Zhou Hongyi is his benefactor, in a certain stage, lei jun for his help. Previously, Fu Cheng within the circle of fame just stop at “the young man quarrel with Zhou Hongyi ran away angrily”. Today, the circle of his evaluation is “the biggest enemy Zhou Hongyi potential”. Look back, compared to the “run away” Fu Cheng, post-marketing Fu Cheng, apparently grey robe upgraded the white robe.

a year ago, zhang ying matrix partners partners for Fu Cheng said a words: “you of change is accelerating.” Zhang ying feel more than ever Fu Cheng.

“I think this evaluation more realistic.” Fu Cheng unconsciously happy, “accelerated change, at least look young.” Fu Cheng also feel their own change, “if at the age of 30 have today of I, I’m sure I can’t imagine I would become like this.”

one of the most obvious change is that Fu Cheng thin.

“I lost a total of more than 40 kg.” Fu Cheng say when he is the most fat about 180 catties, that for some time, be afraid of “extraordinary” simply not weighed. Early Fu Cheng doesn’t like sports like running, “feel dull and boring”. But after a meeting in March this year, he ride from guangzhou to zhuhai, directly to the more than 130 km. “For people who love sports, it doesn’t consider as what, but don’t forget that I used to be a quick 200 jin, the man who has never run.”

decided to lose weight is the result of a marathon friend asked: “how can you allow yourself to fat like this?” The more than 40 years old friend insists marathon running all over the country. “I listened very collapse.” Fu Cheng always think before all things in time, “but at that moment, you suddenly found that some things haven’t had the opportunity missed. You have to rush to 40 years old, to older you really want to run all run. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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