From the unfamiliar to the familiar, pass Reveal unfamiliar social Chat allows you to experience the most tactful

pass Reveal Chat, seattle-based start-up, recently announced a new application for the first time – anonymous communication provides a different kind of mobile phones – as the user and the other end of the stranger Chat screen more and more speculation, they can further share personal information about yourself. The company founded by two former employees of amazon, then get a large number of famous people’s strong financial support, including Facebook and amazon’s former executives Rudy Gadre and Owen Van Natta, and Vrigin America’s former vice President of marketing Poter Gale.

in Seattle first pass Reveal is Microsoft vc investment projects. Currently the only 10 people’s team has raised a total of $1 million.

pass Reveal the company’s chief executive Nick Soman was a graduate of Stanford and harvard business school, amazon’s top product manager. As early as in 2009 when he began to design pass Reveal Chat, when he just arrived from a called guillain-barre syndrome recover nerve paralysis disease, pain let him completely paralyzed in bed for up to four months. Although six months he has been recovering from illness, but when he was in hospital, he experienced all kinds of loneliness and isolation of helplessness.

“when I try to understand the other patients of the hospital, I found that they like me alone,” said Soman, “in most of the time of my life I’ve always played the role of the connection. I don’t think anyone should feel so lonely. So I decided to tackle a recovery how to eliminate loneliness in this matter, “

now Nick sure pass Reveal Chat can help users to establish safe and reliable connection with others, so that they can safely to communicate without having to move roll for your action.

“to establish a strong social relationship can not only enrich people’s life can also lead to rising happiness,” Soman explained, “sometimes people just need a can talk to object.”

pass Reveal is one of the advantages of Chat allows users to choose their he wants to share content. After registration by Facebook login, the user can choose and a female, male, or anyone interested people come to live chat, also can choose for others to initiate chat invite push notification to you. All chat begins with complete anonymity – the user will only know each other’s sex, age and distance.

however, pass Reveal with Tinder are not the same kind of social applications. For example, on the Tinder, attract people chat with each other is a major factor in appearance, makes the Tinder in an initial purpose is to seduce the opposite sex. But on the pass Reveal is another kind of circumstance, as users of the chat relations to the current more and more trust, they can independently choose whether to disclose her name or pictures, etc.

“we team hopes to help people establish safe and reliable real-time chat with a stranger relationship to cure the loneliness of their hearts,” Soman stressed that “we equally without discrimination on gender, we also try to make this application suitable for everyone.”

but today, anonymous usually leads to malicious damage, as in the anonymous social applications Secret or Yik Yak see – here, such malicious behaviour is unlikely to happen, because pass Reveal Chat’s ultimate goal is to help deepen the understanding between people (unless, you have enough patience plan to destroy).

before release, pass Reveal first conducted a private involving 6000 users worldwide. During the private, the user has sent a total of more than 800000 pieces of information, an average of more than 130. At the end of the private, more than 60% of users choose to continue to use this application user (mostly women), and 80% of users finally revealed to the chat object name or his pictures.

“about pass Reveal Chat, my favorite is the user can choose they want to display the contents of the control, both pictures and names. Most of the time, when a friend or business partner to tell you, I have seen your photos on XXX site, will lead to some embarrassing scene.” Investors Poter Gale explained, “on the pass Reveal you can remain anonymous until you trust each other and hope to have a further understanding of both parties.”


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