From the operator via “cloud” entrepreneurship, Cloudike cloud services to do “third pole”

in the United States, such as Dropbox, ripped and Google Drive famous cloud storage service can be seen everywhere. So naturally, we will think in other countries or regions, the cloud storage technology is also very common. But in fact the concept of cloud storage is still a novelty for them. But some people in this group of potential customers see an opportunity – emerging market of public cloud storage startup Cloudike.

Cloudike affiliated with ASD Technologist company, in South Korea, Russia, and SAN jose, California, all have their servers, to the emerging market of mobile operators and other companies to provide “white cloud storage service”, Cloudike showed its ambitions. So far, Cloudike has raised $1 million in seed money to form their own sales team.

so far, the main customers are LG Cloudike (in 41 countries have introduced LG cloud services); Megafon, Russia’s second largest mobile phone operator and Vestel in Turkey, recent development of smart phones electronics manufacturing group.

for those who wish to provide cloud storage service company for its users, Cloudike provides including support for iOS, Android and Windows application can be customized front-end service and all of the back-end services. Cloudike will be its main target market positioning in kazakhstan, Ukraine, uzbekistan, these countries of eastern Europe, and South Korea, Japan, China these east Asian countries. Compared with the United States, Western Europe and other developed countries, Dropbox or Google Drive in eastern Europe and east Asia has not yet formed a certain market scale or is there are restrictions on the user login server.

“if AWS haven’t countries build their server where you live, you want to upload or backup file will be maddeningly slow.” Chairman and co-founder of Cloudike Sunung Lee said, “in South Korea, for example, download the music of a 5 MB probably need 50 seconds or so, but we in South Korea through the server to download, just 3 seconds. This is a very obvious gap. If no amazon server in your country, you can’t normally use such as Dropbox service.”

with the best cost, the most advantage of personal cloud storage service – Cloudike hope that through this way and communications company cooperation to achieve greater market share.

“if they start from scratch, may take 2 years and roughly $5 million investment to achieve personal cloud storage service operations. But if you use our provide solution, 3-6 months plus $30-400000 can achieve the purpose.” Lee also stressed that like this is given priority to with communications company marketing strategy is to speed up the Cloudike infiltrate into the local market. One of the main market in South Korea, for example — Cloudike, mobile operators in the cloud storage market accounted for 34% of the share.

at present there are about more than 1 million users are using cloud storage service provided by the Cloudike. But Cloudike CEO Maxim Azarov said the company has at least 200 million smartphones to be development of potential, and their owners higher user retention: about 75% of the daily Cloudike users will use the service.

“there is a strange phenomenon is that most people in the use of cloud storage service, used in most of these people Dropbox or Google Drive. But if you go deep into the behind these data, you will find that is not the case. According to the us in the United States, according to a survey 65% of mobile phone subscribers never use any cloud storage service, which means the cloud storage technology for most people is still a relatively new concept. The remaining 35% users despite using certain cloud storage services, but also often limited to mobile operators to provide them with the cloud storage application, have you bought a mobile phone, the above built into the cloud storage application, so naturally you will use it.” Azarov said, “we hope we can become a leader in this field, we more hope is not only in providing geeks with our cloud services, but also can provide every smartphone users excellent cloud storage experience.”

Source: TC

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