From product experience to customer experience, reverse three trends in retailing

in retail, innovation determines everything. Now, more and more retailers through unique store experiences and social way of life to win customers.

let’s take a look at a story: a Manhattan retailers, according to different themes such as “love” or “made in USA” to change everything in the store, whether products or accessories. This is similar to the issue of the form conforms to the art gallery, also conforms to the concept of the retailers. Ikea in its stores in Sydney recently held a “only for one night” for shoppers stay active, sublimates in-store experience to a whole new level. The Rooms ran ads in the reality, detailed describes the details of the subject’s personal suites, such as “memories” Swedish summer villa. As for Burberry, it through digital storm and digital track will be happy and attractive store experience to luxury retailers.

these many forward-looking thinking of retailers, is changing our digital experience and in-store experience relationship between ideas. By deformation of the product and channel focuses attention from the “customer experience” to “note” experience, the characteristics of the community and entertainment as the main display.

retail industry is moving toward a better direction, perfectly blended with the invention of the exciting and take the customer as the center of the retail concept.

face-to-face interaction

from the turn of the century there is such a hypothesis that compare our predecessors isolation type shopping, adopted by the digital and mobile self-service will drive the surge in sales of two times the left and right sides. In the next 10 years, across the channel of the man-machine interface and interaction will become mainstream. At the same time, as more and more customer service personnel with Zappos method, boring and interactive voice response services will disappear, because, compared with the customer service representative, interactive voice response services can only increase and the friction and few profits of the customer.

Skype conversation will replace clumsy online chat, and telephone sales representative will be according to the character, health, life and career goals and vision to uniform distribution corresponding to the consumer.

social, entertainment, shopping in

this kind of experience can be extended from retail store to airlines, Banks, gym and laundromat. In the future, we will see more and more in these places of the coffee shop, bar, living room, dance hall, game center, gym class facilities as well as organic party and so on can enrich the store experience.

in the next 10 years, the real retail winners will be those that change itself to adapt to the social hot spot to enhance the experience of businesses, rather than those businesses try to invent new things. Pop – up shop will continue to be popular, the parking lot will automatically with driving electric cars, and about the concept of “you’ll retail” will go again in vogue. As a generation Z, retailing should adjust their own, more inclined to share experience this style of high value.

and, more importantly, with each generation Z migration to the city life, like “the cloud customer ambry” (Rent the Runway such electricity) concepts. H& M and Zara leads the concept of fast fashion is still many retailers preferred, but for a single event and occasion “wearing a” fashion is popular fast. Lease a subscription model is in popular, from organizers are marriage gauze and dress to furniture retailer leases seasonal and one-time home entertainment furniture accessories, all of these provide consumers with more choice.

3 d virtual shopping will redefine instant satisfaction

in the next 10 years, home 3 d printers will become the standard in most American families, the early 3 d aggregator will direct download by providing immediate delivery to siphon market share. To food from the kitchen utensils and appliances, 3 d printer can do. 3 d printers to achieve the goal of global Courier velocity, this will be a serious threat to the amazon and alibaba such electricity giant.

if customers like an actor retro earrings, so they need to do is just click on the remote control of the mobile terminal applications, through the Apple Pay, PayPal, or other mobile wallet to quickly buy earrings, 3 d printers will start work after print earrings at full speed.

although now, we have to experience some early virtual shopping, but by 2025, the technology will become the mainstream, such as Google Glass, Facebook Occulus Rift, and so on product will join the fight in the virtual store.

one day, the consumer will have access to the retailer’s interaction space experience, or enjoy the virtual store brings the convenience shopping, or participate in virtual fashion shows, or choose from their own virtual closet to wear clothes.

today’s retail industry, “take the customer as the center”, “customer participation” and “all channel” propaganda, the yet their center of gravity is only focused on the operation, delivery, discount, and the product, channel, and no attention to the people. The next 10 years, able to innovate around people rather than channel retailers will grow. The best strategy still is fun, but not just tinkering around the edges. After all for customers, time is equal to money.

the problem of retail industry will face in the constantly changing, and in the next 10 years, retailers will continue to focus on the latest product innovations and in-store experience. But we believe that everything will eventually return to consumers.


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