From Hong Kong, multi-functional charger: can charge the battery for all mobile devices at the same time

if you are a people who love to travel, every time I travel with computers, cell phones, then charging absolute is a problem that gives you a headache. Different countries have different kinds of power socket, so when you travel, you want for your different mobile devices – computer, mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, iPod music player (apple), and so on, bring different, matching the plug; This for your trip is extremely inconvenient, especially when you are on a trip to a number of different countries, and the power socket in these countries is different. In addition, many hotels in the world is not suitable for all your electronic devices of power socket.

fortunately, OneAdaptr team to help you solve the problem. The very fascinated by the Hong Kong venture for hardware company has developed a series of products, designed to reduce the power outlet is different because of different parts, and the inconvenience that brings to the travelers, especially with the tourists to travel to the Mac. At present, their products are the raise through Kickstarter.

the company provides a total of four different series of Twist product (product name). Are four different series of products, but their design concept are the same: an adapter on the four USB port, and one apple laptop computer connectors (basic Twist only USB connection).

OneAdaptr team Rene Henriksen mailed me several kind of equipment – a Twist Plus (Plus series can be used to recharge the Macbook), the other is a Twist (this much for device charging together) – for review. But so far I haven’t had a chance to take them to travel, in the past few days, I useful they gave me the electronic devices, they are particularly impressive to me.

the plug on the Twist really like video taught, is very good. You only need to rotate once or twice, you can put the plug into the power outlet in most parts of the world. I can’t tell you very sure these four USB charging effect, but I can say is: I use a Twist Plus and a power socket, can call my laptop, at the same time, e-book reader, and my wife’s phone charge. If I have a tablet, I also can recharge it. I’m glad, Twist and Twist Plus socket and I tried all seem to be very suitable, the plug can be inserted. So you don’t have to worry about the plug of the Twist will slip out of the socket, even apple notebook power supply.

of course, this product is not perfect. But the good news is that the weight of the Twist is very light, but it seems very easy to be damaged. I don’t know how can Twist with travelers through years of hard journey, overzealous baggage luggage still everywhere, it is likely to Twist the plastic shell cracking. In a sense, its volume is larger, it is bigger than general charger to gain the space position, and it will take up the whole wall outlet, even though it only need two alveolar socket.

of course, the convenience of Twist to it a slightly higher price. If you want to be a universal adapter, the above products is a good choice. In my travels I used a variety of cheap adapter, but most of the adapter can not work normally. Some plug is easy to slip out from the wall outlet, others did not like the seller said strong versatility, and a few even directly the overflowing in the box.

so, if you are a love with you all kinds of electronic equipment, people often go out traveling, the price is about $30 a Twist Plus is very suitable for you. This price can make it easy for you to buy a suit: you don’t have to try to remember which corresponding plug which equipment. When you want to go to where, you only need to throw the Twist into your backpack, no need to worry about whether or not you have the time to your electronic devices: you just need to find a power outlet, you can recharge all electronic equipment at the same time.

the next time I go out to travel, everything becomes easy. I may only need to bring a Twist, Plus other adapter can stay at home. If you want to like me, want to make this kind of equipment into your life, you can on Kickstarter fund-raising activity for us to do a contribution.

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