Friend is not equal to partner, entrepreneurial way don’t and friends hand in hand

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remember since I was young, my father was an entrepreneur, he has been until now. I have been having the micro point of growth is “never business with friends or family in life.”

this truth I personally experienced later.

my father and he is a friend who grew up together jointly run a company for more than 20 years, but at the end of 2007, my father’s friend while he’s not in the company my father alone the power out company. This is not the worst, the most chilling is at that time my father because of a brain tumour to care company.

brain tumors are more likely to end my father’s life, if my father died as he had in the company’s management will naturally to my mother. Perhaps such worries, the partner of inciting the company’s employees and other stakeholders to against my father continue hold half of the management of the company.

to make a long story short, my father finally defeated the brain tumor strong to survive, but he and his friends but not so strong friendship and cooperation relationship between, from now on become strangers.

although this experience made me feel sad, but it is also a good lesson for me.

business many times in my life, almost every business is carried out with my friends. To tell the truth, as a beginning, still struggling to find the financing startups, you have to partner with you to establish a good solid relationship and mutual trust. Investors want to see you is not just a business partner, but also friends in life. But this is completely different from me from the truth.

it is obvious that if can startup with a friend, so it also have more fun.

a tried business adventure in my life the most tepid, no particular success, but there is one exception. This business has brought us great success. If I say the name of the company, you will be heard of it or used it a product.

the company has a profound meaning, to me is my best friend and I together. In the end, I had to fire my good friend.

I’ve been telling myself, don’t let the business be obstacle between me and my family or friends. But it was not until this to happen, I realized it’s too late.

I’m not going to tell too many details, I can tell you is the friendship between us is already hinder to company operation, at least for me it is the case. As far as I’m concerned, as a designated supervisor, I can’t use the identity of a superior to treat him and ordered him to. Personal emotion and where is the boundaries between business partners, I say not clear. Originally embarrassed difficult talking to us is also becoming more difficult in the end is still nothing can say understand. Finally, in the most need of communication I choose silence like a coward.

this matter more than a year has passed, everything is still not back to the former self. I don’t know when I’ll be fine, I can understand that this is all my creation. But it is really a big blow to me. I love my friends, like love your brother, I hope I can return to the past often, if at all possible I would choose another way to deal with the relationship between us. I miss my friends, I miss everything once.

if I go back in time, if I can do it again to choose, I will not hesitate to choose a business with him. But this time, I will learn, I will need to make a decision before the firm clarify all need to question bravely speak plainly.

I hope one day I can have a chance to make up for it. However, I still suggest that to business colleagues: it is best not to choose life of friends or relatives to start a business. As a founder, you have to learn and those who have the ability to not familiar with people and even “stranger”, become friends, to establish cooperative relations.

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