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according to the statistics, the stranger the probability of successful only one over one thousand, who can ensure that the user sent 1000 pieces of information, it’s only a probability of success will happen in their own? When a mature social APP market cannot completely meet the social demand for everyone, it also makes some of the more targeted, differentiated positioning social APP with the survival and development space, the user habit, concepts of small change is likely to overturn the whole social media networks industry. In the face of such seemingly tend to be saturated market, positioning unfamiliar social APP products “friction” is such a new product.

“friction” friction affiliated with Beijing science and technology co., LTD., by zhu was established in June this year. At present belongs to the early products online, and marketing plans in the near future.

with the most strange dating App on the market products, friction besides location-based positioning around friends, more important is it choose the function of the Internet virtual currency as the breakthrough point, and continue to use YY of separate accounting system on the Internet products. Can say in the beginning, the business model of friction was very clear.

is different from the traditional social software point “like”, friction into a function called “flowers”, value, and flowers 3 yuan a flower function to achieve the social virtual currency cash. Friction flowers is a testing tool, and stimulation mechanism. After a price $3 flower away, if not received 48 hours of each other’s response, the system 7 days return account directly. Once you have the reply of the other party, both parties can begin to communicate, solve the embarrassment of chatting up strange dating. Although 3 yuan a flower price is shown slightly expensive, in fact, it provides a crowd out the paying customers selection mechanism, praise the false prosperity behind the bubble burst point, enhance the use of male users threshold, thus improve the probability of successful dating strangers.

friction also provides a kind of “secret weapon”, namely video authentication function. Now dating software status quo is a figure may not have the truth, and the video can avoid the problem of false identity authentication function, can effectively solve the fraud chat, reduce the mistrust of strangers when dating, greatly improve the real degree of dating.

at present, the friction has got love millions of angel investment in science and technology. At this stage, the lack of friction stability of user groups and the size of the market, plan this year in September for a new product promotion, improve users and user-generated content, and the integrated optimization of user groups and information, to produce more features and value-added services, rich line segment. Friction based on its own virtual currency system, the improvement of the profit model of friction will have more possibilities.


time: June 2014

company: Beijing friction technology co., LTD.


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