Free mobile Office, Office productivity applications can go three way

because the premium version of Microsoft Office mobile applications make numerous users to choose the other alternative products. But Microsoft has announced its mobile version of Microsoft Office applications will be provided free of charge to all users, this to other similar applications is a big impact. In the face of Microsoft is so fierce offensive, these applications providers want to retain their existing users, even dig new users, that it takes a bit of idea to think about the problem.

in the past, as an alternative to Microsoft Office functions on mobile equipment products is very simple. You only need to launch a part of the Microsoft Office functions, and set a reasonable price. Then you will be able to in Microsoft’s Microsoft Office vacancy in the mobile phone and tablet market applications are flawed.

but it was not long ago, this pattern has changed. Microsoft announced its Office suite on all mobile equipment provided free of charge to the user. Including the version and the upcoming Android version, this version before though is to provide free download, but using the complete editing features, you need to spend at least $70 a year to subscribe to Office 365 complete function. But now, Microsoft in order to restrain iWork and other applications, introduced a free version of Office, a move that will also be implemented on the Android platform. (a few advanced features still need to buy Office 365, and enterprise users still have to subscribe to normal use.)

the news brought crisis to some companies, the company strategy is dedicated to fill some of the gap in Microsoft. But now they have to think of some way to survive in free Office world. The rest of this article will talk about these companies will likely take some countermeasures:

1, stripping complex shell

even in mobile devices, the Office is still an awkward products, it has dozens of options and tools, distributed in a wide range of menu options. However, the disadvantage is just looking for some people, the multifarious Office to his left a way simplified version of the application.

keep it simple style is Haiku Deck goal, in 2012 they launched a concise the demo application, then launch the web and iPhone versions. In almost without marketing budget, the application of the number of users has grown to 5 million, the current version of the application in the App Store to get a 4.5 star rating.

Haiku Deck co-founder and chief executive officer (and is), a former product manager of Microsoft Adam Tratt said that our customers have feedback to us, are they in a variety of choice in the market of our application, and even without big PowerPoint, it is because our applications can easily and let them quickly create lifelike presentation slides, efficiency than other applications to be 10 times.

in fact, Microsoft is also focusing on the simple and easy to use for demo tools. In October, Microsoft released Sway, this is a can realize PowerPoint have been requirements of the application of automatic layout work. But Microsoft doesn’t want to let people think it is a new version of the core products, and has made it clear that PowerPoint does not leave the user PowerPoint may absorb Sway some functionality, but these two apps in the future will work together side by side in the Microsoft Office suite.

Tratt see the necessity to maintain the traditional Office ecosystem. He said: “these things need companies like us to do, we need to put down the burden to the battle. We can reconsider the user experience, making the traditional demo application without alienating billions of user groups.”

2, a focus for

Quip is another simple and easy to use office software living examples, but the software has a special focus, it will focus on the “collaboration”. Every Quip files have a sidebar, in the sidebar, partners can communicate in it and view the change log. At the top of the software has a very, very “share” button, the button’s function is to invite new partners to join the collaborative document, and any changes in this document are real-time online synchronous.

emphasize cooperation will lead to some unexpected results. Quip co-founder and chief executive officer Bret Taylor said, “listing” function has become the most popular application function. Quip listing function can blend images, text block, and at the same time a spreadsheet, so use this app on business as a digital whiteboard. Taylor said: “it is because it is so free, people will use it to existing workflow modeling, rather than according to certain rules to design your own death activities of the process.”

Quip is flexible to use, it encourages enterprises to use this app to replace the traditional task manager, and even E-mail. Taylor said: “when we go to negotiate with customer, we talked about more cooperation, and not to the content of the Microsoft Word than what we do. Most companies usually use these two apps at the same time, let them for office work together.”

Taylor think Quip is a very good example, it illustrates new mobile application is changing the user’s habits. In the next ten years, he thought that people use the tools and than will be completely different now. Quip, “he said in the people’s habits change still did not stand out.”

3, do some Microsoft couldn’t do

unlike Quip and Haiku Deck, kingsoft WPS Office is not a rethink of Office software. Zha eyes see, WPS Office looks very like Microsoft, Microsoft Office, so it’s main window is free for many years. However, you might think that the free version of Microsoft Office will bring Jin Shanlai some trouble, but, kingsoft has apparently has a full set of counter plan.

in the first place, the WPS Office has always been free for users of mobile phones and tablet platform, including personal and business users, so some thrifty enterprises can save you a small sum of spending on software license fee. (kingsoft to desktop enterprise edition software user fees)

but that strategy is not the kingsoft is more interesting is, but in the jinshan relationship with equipment manufacturers and operators. Golden hill, for example, in collaboration with Amazon for its Kindle Fire tablet and Fire Phone launched special WPS Office version, in this version of the application of deep integration Amazon Cloud Drive Cloud storage service. Jinshan U.S. chairman Frank Fu did not disclose details about these arrangements, but said they would get paid kingsoft.

jinshan WPS Office of the other partners will take some more typical approach, including the pre-installed in the mobile phone and tablet, but the kingsoft did not directly simply pay to such cooperation, the company hope that through the user in use process to add advanced capabilities and extra services to profit.

Microsoft Office free now, Microsoft and hardware manufacturers can easily. But even so right place, right time, under the condition of large Office application of the space is still an obstacle. IOS versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint occupied space of about 750 MB, but relatively 119 MB full version WPS Office suite, there is no much competitive.

kingsoft is responsible for global marketing vice President Eric Villines said, especially in emerging markets like India, the size of the file is a “very important” problem. For integration in the application of mobile phones, such a decision we have to put all your eggs in one basket, we have done all we can do, we have been from the beginning to the end to build our application.

considering the option, developers must save more space for other applications, rather than having an Office suite of ecological system is fully occupied, even if it a Microsoft Office Office suite is big also won’t choose.

if Microsoft applications can no longer satisfy users, or, if it doesn’t know how to complete to change its mobile applications, more easy to use, smaller volume, and tools have the bigger changes than before? Quip Bret Taylor said: “it is clear that Microsoft has a good brand effect and good sales channels, but at this point, they would like us to start from zero users.”


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