Foxconn again in electricity, independent rich networking site

the first time in 3 c electrical contractor in the field of the flying tigers tesco after strategic contraction, personnel adjustment, also gradually faded from the public view, but foxconn layout did not just stand in the field of electricity, on the contrary and started a new program, backstage boss terry gou, also don’t want to miss the booming mainland China online shopping opportunities.

on October 16, foxconn’s independent domain of electric business platform rich networking () after half a month after the trial operation is launched.

look from page, products are mainly concentrated in the field of 3 c, such as mobile phones, digital, tablet, PC computer, mouse, television and other categories.

the data shows, the rich networking belonging to shenzhen rich networking electronic commerce co., LTD. As early as in April 2013 formally established, officially launched in July 2013, was originally the cat platform in the form of a flagship store to open in the day. Now began to expand to the comprehensive electric business platform.

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