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empty fox, idle trading platform is designed for fashion girls. Why, then, in the audience choice, empty fox only second-hand transactions for the female market? Why don’t like others to do “instead of” second-hand platform?

at present, 58 city, comprehensive second-hand market network platform has been “diversity” and “transaction inefficiencies”, use frequency is low, the problem such as “do not leave people”, to solve these problems, only for vertical niche products is likely to win. The comparable companies from abroad, also can spot trends on the secondary market. Once of the Craigslist now is facing a huge crisis, vertical are being passed new start-ups to capture, second-hand women apparel is threadflip, Poshmark start-ups.

is in the vertical segment chose “fashion girl”, because “fashion girls” idle trading activity, this group of people is the highest, the highest frequency of usage. Because their needs the most intense, the highest activity, the vertical market will become very sticky. Their frequent overseas online shopping and find a buy on sb’s behalf, you can’t return to buy things, idle rate is higher; Are commonly impulse shopping, but also easy to upgrade high frequency, short cycle, causing a large number of idle, idle very need to find a way to convert into money to purchase new items.

90 after the founder Yu Xiaodan believe: “the future for this group of people who share a common interest, there will be a lot of business imaginary space. Let the idle goods circulation in a wide range of fashionable woman, to the most appropriate people.”

at present, the fox at present the main function of the empty, idle cash is to provide a convenient and safe mobile platform. From photos to upload a idle items only need 1 minute, with the ordinary PC second-hand website compared to an average of 30 minutes, greatly improve the efficiency. With the comprehensive second-hand trading platform now only show information, requires the user to leave a phone number, on its own line, empty fox with a full guarantee payment system, cooperating with alipay, logistics tracking, have their own complaints system at the same time, the formation of online trading closed loop. Purpose is to let the “idle” this task is very simple, because the user is very sensitive to “trouble”.

at the same time, focus on the girl’s vertical markets, also let empty fox have efficient trading, users are sharing a common interest in girls, go to their favorite baby probability is large, have more transaction success rate. In the future, aimed at this group of users, based on user precipitation, empty fox will perform value-added services.

is currently charge 5% commission each order in the future business model, empty fox would consider business service, and act as purchasing agency business cooperation, and help them to sell inventory “idle”, extended the concept of idle, and individual users value-added service is also one of the important patterns. The fox is currently empty angel financing process.

empty fox
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