Four years itch, the mobile phone millet find another “smart home” getting rich

hunting cloud network November 6 (word/WeiQing)

as a listed company, if income can not meet the expectations of the capital market, it is big trouble. Overstock companies in the United States a quarter than Wall Street expected earnings of less one or two cents per share, making it the value of shares lost more than half in just a few days.

people have always talked excitedly about millet speed, but even the drugs, there is also a weakness. The layout of the millet activity recently, multiple save for a rainy day, whether can be understood as a plan b, promoting millet continue to rapid development.

phone who

millet company, cell phone do bai, founder of lei jun. It is said that mobile phone shipments have ranked third, followed by lenovo of course marry MOTOROLA to top down. Its speed of millet, it is bad to buy, not to rob, its high cost performance, etc., such news, listen too much, understand perhaps than small make up also details.

go today, millet mobile phone, tablet, TV, box products has covered and intelligent hardware, etc. It is more than $40 billion, millet’s value. And is planning a new round of financing, in the hope of better and faster development. Millet is not satisfied with getting rich off the phone with one phone. That would make people think of lei jun once “the Internet model”, “hardware” Internet these rhetoric.

Four year itch

millet entering its fourth year, this year four meters “miss”, a little let a person remember millet had amazing. Millet 4 highlight the product itself is limited, natural attraction is not enough, steel frame, qualcomm Xiao dragon ahead 801 configuration also can’t say. With the millet wave of previous generations of products has been leading the configuration, performance benchmarking have obvious difference. Anyway, there is a gap between small make up psychology, also do not want to release the rhetoric of “the art of a steel plate”.

domestic quick shipments of tens of millions of millions of mobile phones, apple, samsung, small make up maths is bad, China’s 1.4 billion people, one of a cell phone mean even early enough. In 2013 to 50 million, smartphone shipments is expected to reach 80 million units this year, and millet smartphone shipments will grow from 18 million units last year to 60 million this year, is expected to hit 2015 1-120 million shipments. Lenovo’s growth momentum is very good also, shipments will reach about 60 million units this year. Apple and samsung’s sales is not small make up to waste your breath.

the apple of 64 – bit CPU, fingerprint recognition under the upheaval, hardware development direction was halfway diversions of traffic, and already hit the top. Just meet with the mobile phone market in the ceiling of the analysts forecast again by star item red millet in the four years itch.

even the apple, seems to have the “unable to break through the problem. A joke: fruit 5 let people know it get longer and the 5 s, 5 c, let people know its color, fruit 6 puls is let people know it becomes big, also bent. Shed fruit 4, apple in the changeable to cater to the consumer. Meizu, one plus, a hammer in his play popular specialize in the field.

in his “the Internet model” can’t hold up filled their valuations, more and more beautiful MIUI rivals, stickiness is not tied, in order to keep their capital miracle, millet to your nature, blowing a few more bubbles.

smart home

this time, the millet is pursuing the smart home. The concept of smart home long ago, because of the technology mature, in the past two years by the capital market speculation. A good smartphone to be not only when the bus card, even village door card, but also integrated into the family as a universal remote control function. Mobile phone as a carry necessities of life, nature is a very good cut into perfect bridge of smart home. Millet’s recent series of actions, clearly convey the attitude.

as the pig on the tuyere, the sun rises, the most adept at operating capital and propaganda of millet, don’t miss the tide, of course, for their future on a card, go more robust.

Industry transformation of

to see more and more fierce competition, the market more and more closer to the ceiling. Millet in the mobile market has not yet become serious before opening new market, this time it’s not hard to see the smart home is favored by millet, along with the start of the construction of the Internet of things, this has a huge market, the emergence of millet television can also be by millet mobile phone to build the bridge after the first fort.

as the family entertainment center, TV has not been surpassed, once some people say that computers will take the TV’s life, then the emergence of tablet computers, this voice roared again, but after so long, the status of the television also didn’t be replaced, or even a TV microcomputer as a sitting room. Recently, due to the restrictions of the state administration of radio, smart TV makers can only cooperate with existing licences for content.

millet currently access the CNTV, but still can’t meet the needs of the user content. And the TV version of the APP after the shelves, the content more scarce, and stretched. It is no wonder that lei jun to regrets “the whole of millet, boxes, mobile phone TV content industry, including the plate, is a great event of life and death.”

a few days ago Dr. Chen join millet news everybody also saw, millet determination, to strengthen the construction of content of short board believes that Dr. Chen will go to great lengths to help millet content of ecological construction. Contents of ecological construction is solid product position in the family, but not complete in the sense of smart home. This time we will see the birth of millet “small ants”, TV as fortresses, finally is beginning to reach out to all aspects of family life.


let’s imagine the next direction of millet, is playing the hot air purifier, or a new aspect of temporary not covered. Will is a lighting or water curtain, or refrigerators air-conditioning appliances such as washing machine. Millet in intelligent monitoring, intelligent, smart bulb socket in areas such as active layout. Millet and cooperating and iHealth do portable blood pressure measuring blood sugar.

the future hardware platform, industry difficulty is how to analyze the sensors to collect massive amounts of information, mining and operation and maintenance. If is the appliance, let’s have a look at the current situation of the home appliance market: market leaders meet the technical strength, a bad storm. This just before the millet to sichuan changhong find talk about cooperation. Combination of good coordination, occupy the favorable terrain intelligent home appliances.

because of the influence is greater than the technology industry chain channels, so the lei jun online marketing to this one will not be able to play a role to a great extent, this time will need to be incentives, so as to get the whole industry chain to cooperate, create their own hardware. Forming online marketing linkage, broader, more influential.

at this point, we see the panorama of millet layout: roughly millet mobile phone as a core, along with the arrival of the 4 g, at the head of the smart home with the attitude of the universal remote control; Millet TV as a family entertainment center, position, and millet mobile phone a fit inside a; Little of course not “small ants”, the most effective tools for the exchange ties into the one inside one outside. Then all the home appliances, and even control lighting, background music, and even water and electricity coal heating and curtain, the greatest degree of convenient home life.


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