Former partner successor should start from the flash “ant shake the tree”

the Finnish smartphone startups Jolla before has the application of the open source project of former partner system to their own swordfish system, recently, the company has released the first version of the Android Launcher, aiming to make the Android system of mobile phone users experience of characteristics of the new system in advance.

Jolla’s co-founder, now chief operating officer, mark Dillon (Marc Dilon) had previously disclosed to the media, the company plans to release an Android Launcher, as a bridge to the product to show Android users swordfish superior performance of the system, and the system through this App to explore more potential users accustomed to using gesture interface.


in order to further help attract customers cooperate with famous Finnish game angry birds, introduced the application of Stella theme – just the title of the subject application unexpectedly long: “angry birds theme Stella desktop Launcher – Jolla production”. Don’t know whether such a creative title is a blessing or a curse!

the angry birds theme desktop Launcher on the front page to add the function of “quick access”, convenient users quickly set the wallpaper, ring tones and unrestricted access ToonsTV. (the desktop Launcher is a bit like a lot of desktop Launcher camp – you can imagine the angry birds this game: Jolla development desktop Launcher as a trebuchet, other the Launcher is a bird, so that ultimately want to open the App is only a piglet, every time you throw a bird, you can open multiple App quickly and conveniently.)

the release of the desktop on the Launcher that highlights the sailfish system the following characteristics: one, true multitasking, in a nutshell is the running App appear on the main screen in the form of CARDS, no longer need to enter the App, users can directly on the screen to switch applications. 2, sliding menu, slide with a simple gesture can easily choose to open a feature (such as application through drop-down loosen gesture selection). Third, through the sailfish multifunctional application preview open the user interface of the operating system under the existing Android App.

although swordfish systems in terms of performance, but in the current operating system market, Android like sea beast has been occupying the market dominance, Jolla always like a small fish in the sea. But under the compatible Android App as a long-term strategic objectives, is as a spiritual pillar support Jolla has been with the power of the weak competition with the sea.

weak Jolla in focus on developing its own operating system at the same time, in order to develop the market, also insisted on developing our own hardware equipment. Last month, Jolla in India launched a independent research and development of smartphone swordfish system, it is the company after Hong Kong, successfully into the second than the European market. A smartphone back in history, the earliest Jolla released last November, is time target market is in Finland. But so far, the outside still remains unclear Jolla specific sales quantity of the phone.

the Jolla, a spokesman said: “we are satisfied with our sales progress, our products have successfully entered the Indian and the Hong Kong market, and we in the European market sales continue to grow.”

“besides Jolla, mobile phone, the desktop Launcher is the first time from the separated and swordfish operating system, an independent product launch at the beginning of the product we have received thousands of downloads. But the real product promotion activities this week begins.” The spokesman also added this newly released App.

in addition, Jolla more hope through the release of the Android system running under the free desktop Launcher for its future products open the potential market in Asia. Jolla has high hopes for this app to help users faster familiar with the new operating system, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of alternative Android.

Dillon, chief operating officer that flash phenomenon is very common in China, such as installing a new operating system on their mobile phones), which he really looking forward to the performance of the company in the Chinese market. In February, he expects the Chinese market is about “at least 100 million potential users”, the chief operating officer also said that the “relative to the whole market, even a small percentage, for startups like us still is a big number.”

the latest desktop Launcher on taobao original mobile phone assistant and UC application download center to download free of charge. Soon after, the app will be applied in Google market shelves, but the exact time was not released.


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