Former CEO sculley all don’t like apple, think Google innovation to win more

dispatch of sina science and technology Beijing time on October 18 hours of the morning news, former apple CEO John Sculley (John Sculley), said he thought in the field of science and technology to make the next big innovation is probably not apple, is Google and other companies.

sculley said in an interview with Forbes magazine: “(Google) is likely to be higher than the possibility of a major innovation companies such as apple, apple is on the path, just constantly improve existing products.”

sculley, points out that great innovation usually comes from those who don’t have to be committed to meet the high expectations of the company, and apple is so. Have driverless cars, he thought, and space travel projects such as Google is in a better position, will attempt to launch the innovation “they understand one thing (Google), that is if you don’t adventure to try new things, you’ll miss the future.”

the industry, says sculley about apple’s innovation cycle is slowing have certain reason. When the development of an enterprise as the size of the apple, also is the annual sales of more than $150 billion, $585 billion, want to have is very difficult to launch innovative products. To this, the billionaire investor Peter tal (Peter Thiel) have the same view, he told us technology blog Business Insider said: “apple is more concerned about the size rather than innovation.”

but that doesn’t mean sculley bearish for apple company as a business development prospects. He said: “they inherited the Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) to learn not to compromise in terms of product. The company has a great leadership, so I can do is praise.”

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