Foreign players in the eyes of the Chinese mobile game industry: winter is coming!

on the subway, bus, on the table… Everyone in the play mobile phones, China mobile game downloads nearly crazy. However, few paid for players in. Compared to the PC game at marvelous spectacles and immersive experience, players are not willing to the consumption on the mobile phone games. China mobile game market winds in winter will come “.

since apple released the iPhone in the early, everyone is more or less have predicted, mobile game is the trend of the future, especially in emerging markets in Asia – China. The core players did not even own a computer or video games. Experts have predicted that in five years ago, the fate of the PC game will like dinosaurs die, and the mobile games will came to the throne. For entrepreneurs, but also a new cash cow.

objectively speaking, there is no denying the fact that mobile games really got a huge development. In fact, everyone has a smart phone more or less will spend a little time to play mobile phone games, people like me have the games as a core function of the smart phone. I remember in the smartphone before the advent of those dark days, when I sit bus couldn’t play Jetpack Joyride (rocket flying), only bored manner looked out the window.

but I’m still a bit of doubt, in the long run mobile games will really for developers in the ancient countries, distributors to bring a steady stream of profits. And I observed that more and more evidence that mobile gaming market is not so make money they often label.

Numbers don’t lie

in fact, for most developers, China mobile game market no profit at all. Chinese film and television (sarft) released a report in the summer of this year, which reflects the situation is very serious: 92% of China’s mobile games lose money; The remaining 8% is just balance. Part of the report pointed out that only about 2% of China’s mobile game can get profit.

the situation for the development of mobile games run for start-up companies. But for the Chinese Internet giant, this probability is still acceptable. They have the ability to shoulder the cost of the 20 different mobile game development, and look forward to a game or two of which can be only accumulate enough audience and make money. But now it seems that even these big companies also seems to be the financing problems. Sina tech blog mouse in a recent blog, points out that qihoo 360 revenue from mobile game fell nearly 17.2%, while tencent to date there has been little improvement in the field of mobile games.

even if China mobile game downloads go crazy, but it does not produce as much profit as people think. Think of it, at the end of 2013, China’s mobile Internet population has nearly 500 million people, the figure is computer more than twice the number of broadband Internet access. But figures released from computer games, mobile games still far short of. PC games in China, including page swim and swim together, a total of create a more than $10 billion in revenue. The mobile game makes less than $2 billion in revenue. Even in 2013, the game is the most commonly used Chinese smartphone applications, is still so cruel reality.

people flocking to download games, and play a lot, but just don’t give money.

is the fault of the population of?

maybe the Numbers above you got a fright, but actually I’m not surprised. I play mobile phone games, game, including China, have been playing. But I really don’t remember when in these games spent money to buy any purchase, in addition to occasionally look at the ads don’t seem to be the conference brought what revenue to developers. At the same time on PC Steam and tencent LOL, I have enough. But for tencent ma, I might have the first child.

part of the problem may be caused by the particularity of the Chinese market: is for mobile game free value-added model of extreme enthusiasm. I can’t imagine any place on earth will like here. Chinese players are often complain that China mobile game developers who too much of a good thing, hope that through the test user tolerance and other way persecuted users pay cost. And the user’s response, is clearly without paying.

but on the other hand, the answer to this question may be more extensive. Mobile games are to fragmentation, XiuXianHua development. This is reasonable, after all, a touch screen mobile phone screen is too small, not suitable for to create immersive feeling, such as loading too grand scene, or provide most hardcore games need control rod module. It also makes users less likely to spend money on it, because the game is fragile, and fleeting, eventually to replace. For most people, mobile games, not something to connect its identity, but just a tool to kill time on a subway. Produce stands in stark contrast to this is PC players often can see yourself in the game, I think it’s two games pay enthusiasm for different reasons, is also a two games income difference is so great.

I also want to say a anecdotes, not accurate data, but also can explain and some problems. My wife and brother-in-law are Chinese, they are my chat very good samples. My wife does not think of myself as a game player, but she’s on the phone with a lot of China mobile games, and often play. This spring, she is a little bit addicted to the game, even spent a lot of time to play the game like candy crush saga. But she not spend a penny on the mobile games. Her brother, see yourself as a gamer, and is a big fan of Dota 2. I am sure he purchased within the game, Internet cafes consumption spent a lot of money.

the winds in winter to

all of these are not want to say what’s the problem with mobile games, mobile games or China do not make money, is not the case. But I think think mobile games will be instead of the “traditional” point of view is too naive, and we may go to China mobile game for a period of relatively cold.

unless someone can come up with a way to make mobile game players to spend money like core players on the PC game, otherwise, I think, PC game will continue to dominate the market.


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