Forbes: millet to seek a new round of financing, valuation is expected to be over $40 billion

(wen xuan/day)

according to Forbes reported yesterday, millet company is seeking a new round of financing, valuation is expected to more than $40 billion. It is unclear whether the specific approach which investment institutions.

, Forbes said the news has got the confirmation, millet is considering to raise more capital, and is likely to last August, quadrupling the $10 billion valuation that is will be $40 billion. Sources said the millet in had already rejected the valuation financing, an offer of $30 billion.

if millet according to the valuation of successful financing, it will be the most valuable equipment manufacturers. At the appointed time, the worth of millet will beyond the market value of $19.5 billion, SONY, and will push the world’s third largest smartphone maker lenovo, lenovo’s current market value of $15.6 billion. So far, millet spokesman declined to comment on the finance news.

founded in 2010, millet, maintain complete once a year the rhythm of financing. At the end of 2010, millet company completed A round of $41 million, $250 million valuation; In December 2011, millet company completed a new round of $90 million in financing, valued at $1 billion; At the end of June 2012, millet company successful financing of $216 million, $4 billion valuation. In August 2013, millet financing valued at $10 billion. See, every year company valuations reached 2.5 times the left and right sides of ascension.

less than five years’ time millet was such a great achievements, founder and CEO of lei jun price climbed to $9.1 billion. 44, lei jun, is a serial entrepreneur, foreign media will he called China’s Steve? Steve jobs. In China, millet sales have more than the iphone. After IDC and StrategyAnalytics report, millet shipments, as well as market share, are ranked third in the world, after samsung and apple. Because of lenovo after completing the acquisition MOTOROLA business share dispute appeared.

in the Asian market, millet has devouring apple’s market share. LeiJunCeng two years ago, “jobs in China, it is impossible to succeed, jobs was a perfectionist, meticulous and Chinese culture emphasizes the middle way.”

according to data from multiple, although millet product prices low, but it has won the high profits from the sales of large. Currently I do not know the specific use of the round financing. Millet company also to overseas Banks in recently issued $1 billion of bank debt, and received including deutsche bank, jp Morgan, Morgan Stanley and credit suisse, Goldman sachs and other agencies “are”.

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