For ordinary users, that this can be your food

in the field of PC, Google as a rising star, its launch this can already occupy a majority position. This article will recommend to you the best of this today and take stock on the market at present all sorts of this laptop.

in the battle of PC hegemony apple and Microsoft only has eyes seem to each other. They don’t realize that Google introduced this is from a bench can chip away players, into a legal and strong rivals. If you’re considering starting a new computer, so this can be a good choice.

if you are hesitate if I should buy this, you just need to ask you a question: do you need a web browser? Spend a lot of time if you use Gmail or Outlook on Chrome, services or Pandora, bursts of Facebook, the company or Pinterest, Flickr or 500 px, so you don’t need to use desktop applications can now use quickly. Unless you need to deal with video pictures, or you are a game enthusiast, then a this can meet your all requirements.

but this will cost much less than common Windows or Mac machines. To know it’s hard to make cheap laptop computers, while each manufacturers are trying to prove that their computers have been sold to bargain, but in fact it is not so.

no matter what you use equipment, software is always the same, so you often pay attention to other aspects. 1. The screen, this is often the price etc. The largest part of the difference; 2. The keyboard and trackpad, whether it is a touch or price, most of the equipment are the same; 3. The processor and its performance; 4. The battery life. No matter what your choice of configuration is right or wrong, you are likely to cheap price to buy a computer, just may expect a little with you in the distance.

I have ever had this kind of feeling, that happened when I was first open Toshiba this 2.

winner: Toshiba C hromebook 2


let’s understand directly say, that’s why this product can be a winner in the screen. This 2 has a 13.3 -inch, 1080 p, screen provides enough space to get the job done, and shows that the quality is unbeatable. (the only competitor is this Pixel, but the price is four times.) The screen in addition to high resolution, also can show the vivid and accurate color, excellent visual Angle, and high definition (generally high resolution and clarity is a trade-off between). File whether it is watching a movie, or just browse the web shopping, all are higher in this class. Want to know when an object that looks great, is really great.

fortunately, Toshiba for the product configuration is qualified processor, etc, in order to support its super screen. The Intel celeron processor and 4 gb of RAM is not very perfect configuration, if run 10 tasks at the same time, its running speed will sell at a discount greatly, but this can deal with other tasks can handle it. (the crucial point is Intel processor is used by Toshiba production, but its use Bay Trail, which makes this laptop to use feeling like a tablet.)

it only eight hours of battery life, promise you can continuous use at least two long time of the meeting. It also has an extensible 16 gb memory SD slot, a fairly good camera, and a very good speaker. You might be alarmed by the terrible Skullcandy icon on bracket, but it is definitely worth it, because the speaker compared with those of other laptop sound louder quality better.

this 2 design is a compromise. Spartan ornaments of silver and black to make it look like a MacBook Air counterfeit products. And a little a bit thin and when you hold with one hand as you can see a little bent. But in both appearance and feel a bit expensive.

about Toshiba this 2, I am only interested in the screen. But in the end, as long as everything else is good, this is definitely the most important part of the screen. Because of other everything is very good, so the price of this 2 so expensive. But this is absolutely the best laptop. You can buy


size the best: dell this 11


a good this production, as long as all aspects difference can not basic standards. The best on the market small this is dell this 11. The 11.6 -inch device has a good all of this should have. First, it with 4 gb of RAM and an Intel processor. The good news is that the battery can easily run all day.

you can tell, this 11 is carefully designed products. Enough light, its frosted gray body looks more noble. Though it was made of plastic, but it is amazing for cheap laptop manufacture level. It also has a touch sensitive, comfortable operation keyboard and a smooth sensitive touchpad, but compared with the 11.6 -inch notebook, they still have a little small. Performance is one of the most important, of course, but without a good keyboard and trackpad, you can only sigh the computer. Dell provided are very good.

the only you’ll miss out on the 11 of this factor is the screen, like most this and most of the 11 inches laptop, the screen is its short board. This this 11 has a 1366 x768 screen, this is good, but the huge frame to make it look smaller, but the effect is ok. But this 11 as special equipment or second-hand equipment can also, if you want to use it as a normal every day need to constantly use notebook is unlikely.


can consider of products

acer C720P this


as a large number of Android applications to Chrome OS platforms, the sense of touch is going to be an important part of the interactive interface, tactile experience will be better and better. The C720P like acer other this, although not good-looking appearance, but to run well, there is also a good touch screen. I can bet, even if the touch screen is meaningless for you, this laptop can be used for several years also calculate value.

samsung this 2 (13.3 inches)


samsung nearly perfect interpretation of this, choose the leather version, so it is very light is very thin, very attractive. It has a very good, very spacious keyboard and a large area and sensitive touch panels. It sounds very small, heat dissipation is not a lot. But the advantages of these seemingly is factor, also has the potential to be the defect of this 2. Due to the use of samsung Exynos processors, more like to use this laptop computer tablet or smartphone. It is far less than the good this, and running performance.

acer C720 this


acer low-cost C720P C720 is actually remove the touch screen. Touch due to the coming years will be a popular trend, the product seems to have no future. But it still has some strengths. With the use of Intel processors, plus good keyboard, touchpad and battery life, it is very strong practical. And at this price, can be cost-effective. If you want to buy a cheap this, acer C720 is preferred.

acer C720 this (2014)


The latest version of the

acer C720 equipped with more powerful Intel core i3 processor. Browse the web or with some basic things, running speed is fast. But compared to the previous version, running speed didn’t improve much, use experience also didn’t change much. Despite a few small in terms of performance has increased, but the new C720 are much more expensive than some low-end version.

lenovo ThinkPad 11 e this



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