Focus on doing custom mobile community for entrepreneurs, OpenCom grade must angel investment

in May this year launched OpenCom engine is an open community, specifically for the local community and local life micro letter public account, the local Internet entrepreneurs do mobile APP customized business community. In recently, OpenCom announced obtain ten million yuan angel round, round led to easy to make a day, it is said that the eagle fund, and a number of heavyweight in the thunderstorm, cuhk venture capital and its associated institutions to participate in and VC. Hunting cloud network connection OpenCom team confirmed the news of the financing, but the specific amount is not convenient to revealed.

OpenCom by Zhou Baitong technology introduction, the team in the field of technology accumulation, founder Li Jingqiu graduated from jilin university computer science department, after the graduation, service tencent company for many years and has served as technical backbone, for the user behavior, big data technology and trend of mobile community has a deep research. Li Jingqiu believes that “the difficulty of the business community, the core is not technology, but the user operations, as people often say that tencent’s products, baidu’s technology, ali’s operations, OpenCom is the community of entrepreneurs to do taobao, break the technical barriers, let entrepreneurs to be absorbed in the operation, mutual benefits for the majority of local entrepreneurs.”

custom OpenCom community consists of local mobile community and picture light two kinds big, the current focus on local mobile community. Users on the platform can be a key free online custom Ios, Android, Wap version of mobile application, at the same time connect PC Discuz! , phpwind, such as various types of BBS system, and is currently through micro letter public account. Now with hundreds of local communities, the typical local WeChat large public college students, local entrepreneurs to reach cooperation.

community, mobile population filter is a key point. OpenCom through fine detailed content, blend in social interaction function, active users, will be strangers make acquaintance community. Intention to OpenCom for transformation of the local community portal, providing PC BBS data docking central bridge, as well as private cloud deployment services. For local entrepreneurs, micro letter, public directly provide free mobile community custom and cloud storage, and for many entrepreneurs – – developers, developers, students OpenCom will dock open data source and the client secondary development.

operations in their community, OpenCom will also innovation into the new community play, take advantage of the smartphone, revitalize the user in an all-round way. Such as by voice, Posting photos, GPS positioning, fully mobilize 90, 00 after a generation of social energy; Focus on channel cater for user’s interests, makes the high-quality goods content; Station near contact + precipitation local social acquaintances; Post reply + @ remind solve BBS communication delay defects; Social sharing attracting users; The final HTML 5 ads hyperlinked + O2O boost local community operators revenue gains.


for OpenCom, local community, local WeChat public, operators, local Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial developers are potential user groups. Unlike WeChat number with micro communities, public OpenCom will be adhering to the completely open strategy, focus on the local community solution services, on the business model, will also balance the demand, do OpenCom, customers, local merchants, the user and win-win.

when it comes to the end of the financing, OpenCom future development strategy, Li Jingqiu convective cloud network, “the next step is to OpenCom will continue to improve the platform of product experience and service system, optimize the community application online order process, provide open source service support for developers, for local entrepreneurs, local micro letter large public to provide more detailed operation development support and guidance, webmaster provide private cloud customization for the local community, secondary development, such as a complete set of service system, and advertisement in HTML 5 hyperlinked to further expand and realize OpenCom, local Internet practitioners, local business ecosystem three winning.”


time: in May 2014,


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