FM: travel PGC provide cost-effective tourist information mode

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the low-price and smoking is bad for tourism products, this is a fact. The major users in and OTA platform search time back and forth. If you put a low price and high quality tourism products directly in front of you?

travel FM is doing such a thing, you absolutely believe that tourism product information platforms are all behind the editor found himself, product introduction to the style of humor and personality. There is no traps, pit. Fully explain tourism products, to tourists tone.

founder of zheng zhao4 tell cloud network, hunting trip FM is a neutral tourism special information sharing platform, mainly for customers with special tourist information. Belong to the “PGC model”, so small make up website professional tourism is very important. Focus on share prices and, through comprehensive comparison the OTA consulting platform, sort out the most competitive travel deals. At present there are two standard platform for small make up screening: one is to know the love to play in tourism industry, the second is price-sensitive, contrast, find information real and favorable tourism products.

however, as the user growth, cannot be finished only by small make up a greater amount of information filtering. FM is want to growth will eventually establish the user system, encouraging whistleblowing and recommendations. Small make up can be in the final verification link checks.

travel FM not zheng was the first product, the predecessor zheng was done m fat travel, m fat three transformation finally focus on island travel. Years of experience in the tourism industry to make new project easier. FM but because travel is only in view of the special field, will lead to much don’t have the right to travel normal product, the user must also jump to OTA. So in the future, the team will focus on polishing products, mobile terminal android APP has been launched. Now in the stage of training user.

products: travel FM
Company: hangzhou meters fat travel agency co., LTD.

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