Flyme4.0 finally stabilized the details with the Bug list

cloud network hunting on November 12 (word/Jivi)

with the MX4, meizu released their latest Flyme4.0 customization system at the same time, some time ago hunting cloud network also MX4 hardware was carried out. As jack return make a supervision, for the user to fill blemish products, Flyme4.0 exactly?

hunting cloud network in nearly two months, has experienced four versions to bring stability improved iterative upgrade version of the evaluation in detail.

to know just to get the first two versions of the prototype system, that is how the card, and collapse Flyme4.0 MX4 sincerely as beautiful MIUI v5 meters 4 to smart.

desktop logical

Flyme4.0 overall experience compared with the former two generations, design more complete fine, originally SmartBar scar “design” joined the adaptive model, the modified more in place.

Flyme4.0 desktop continuation of the former generation of abstract style, introduces some flattening characteristics. Meizu put the screen display effect is very beautiful, all elements are not out of sight. Watching the screen, and then use other mobile phone, how see how weird screen.

besides dropdown function for the redesign, others are more like changed a new theme, font. Conference meizu official said third-party icon, notification ICONS, and so on has carried on the omni-directional re-paint, is true, but not as big as hammer redraw adjustment range, beginning or a little uncomfortable. Or spend money on a topic, and then drives the theme designer adapter icon to save worry.

the other is not a lot of people say “more like apple” feeling, design style is so lightly, “design style changed” is true.

about desktop function, the function of personal favorite is unlock double-click the lock screen interface functions. Is convenient to solve a big hate my heart.

other lock screen gestures: the meizu will design on the Home button of his past HuaXie lock function has been removed, early on the MX4 introduced the function of touch module rate screen gestures. On direct unlock, fall directly into the notification interface, to the right row into the camera, left the custom. Of course, these need to enter the setting interface Settings.

to view a larger version, please click on the below picture:

desktop feature

the table row into the global search interface, fall is the notification center to speed up the rapid setting, notify the center and slide can show all Settings, and for notification to cover special effects, action logic with Andriod5.0 is consistent, is far from the transition animation style.

notification center display with fast processing of notifications, especially the SMS notification, suggests authentication code can be directly copied… Relevant convenience feature, just know how comfortable.

at the bottom of the pull-up is multitasking, the quick setting function for reducing long press Home button default voice. Can be set up in the interface change into a lock screen, for people having this feature is very practical, recognition rate is also high. For other users, or to lock screen is the most convenient. Personal advice is better or wake the voice into other gestures.

to view a larger version, please click on the below picture:


with the intention of setting interface, Flyme can be called the best mobile phone system.

the diagram shows the meizu new breath screen hand gestures, cloud services integrated together. And set up in the same logical interface file manager interface, file manager is still not installed package, the package classification.

mail application still did not increase convenient landing interface. SMS service, fast query function of the interface, is just the query code change list, did not make it WeChat public Numbers mean.

to view a larger version, please click on the below picture:


operation logic similar system application. New application system security to be out of tune with other application system operating mode.

for online said Flyme4.0 calendar copy IOS, hunting cloud network Jivi is not the feeling. In addition to the calendar and calendar display switch with IOS calendar is consistent, without any other function in common. Sliding multi-select date, on new events are part of the characteristic design of meizu has always been.

Flyme4.0 to substantially SmartBar beautification, status bar, discoloration, sidebar frosted glass special effects. Frosted glass and other special effects in other interface also got a lot of use, but the lens effect appears to be more subtle, like white resin plate cover effect, not as obvious as the IOS.

a lot of people have been greeted SmartBar with reluctance, but actually swept in the domestic mobile phone market, screen of more and more popular at present, the most commonly used “three big king kong” key operation is always the feeling of want to make mobile phones. And integration of system level function SmartBar can greatly improve operating experience, and guarantee of aesthetic.

to know HTC to solve this problem with three rows of the jaw, native android is got three big scar, virtual keys as well SmartBar more comfortable.

to view a larger version, please click on the below picture:

Function and other details about the

SMS verification code recognition, rapid replication. Flyme information display, fast operation USES a similar white card small window function. Easy operation, good experience.

download and install the interface and the overall design unifies, the subtle transition animations very attentively. Flyme theme in each interface can be a good adaptation, and most of the theme package is not big. This meizu did a good job. But Flyme4.0 theme of logic is different from the previous version, the theme of the current adapter quantity is not much.

camera interface skin care functions as shown. For video and audio functions exactly how low is good, how high, hunting cloud network Jivi can only tell you that.

for the mobile phone is in the end, these properties are similar. Cinematography, the optimization of meizu have professional team, color reduction, daub, white balance, contrast aspects for the 2070 w megapixel camera is not difficult, easily to the forefront. Although there are some flaws, but for meizu is easier to optimize.

said meizu MX4 with the built-in audio decoding kernel, mediatek chips performance more than apple. To know the mediatek always has advantage in this respect, also have according to, in practical experience at least loosely over qualcomm a class.

for video performance for smartphones have come to this, most people have heard that there is much difference, if you still care about sound quality, suggest to buy professional headphones, will quality and marketability of a class.

the last picture shows the meizu redraw notification icon.

Related questions

since get MX4 hunting cloud network has experienced serious system caton, distance sensor, light sensor failure, can’t online upgrade, skin care function failure, failure, making the sound module failure (voice), interest rates screen gestures failure, intermittent flow signal (signal measured), and so on bugs, but never met Bug related to the quality of hardware.

hunting cloud network will find these bugs with the meizu aspects has carried on the feedback one by one, in the latest two version upgrade system has been resolved (sound module failure is also need to double clear heavy brush to solve).

now Flyme4.0 experience has reached a good level, use high strength also have no problem, you can use! But meizu is thoughtless, 4 meters in this adapter with a mature older system, MIUI6 as experience only version introduced to improve the user experience.


Flyme4.0 postpone the previous design architecture, deepen their own characteristic style, will not take care of the design details of the conducted a comprehensive solution, to experience a more complete.

Flyme transition animation is still not as sweet as apple also, but like “summoning”, after the operation will Pose a series of exquisite “Pose”. Under the early use can appear very uncomfortable, but with a long time after not have fatigue, to adapt to the later feel very spiritual.

Flyme in many ways by the android architecture design direction, considering the situations used with hardware in detail. By joining a lot of echo shortcuts gestures, function after fully take care of the user needs to do the biggest compact, make the most of the functionality of the entry is not easy to find.

for small white users are not willing to explore, a little pain, but a user used to have is a bit like Jivi cannot leave, use efficiency is very high, there will be no clew purpose.

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