Flux is also available to push cheap assembly of 3 d printing machine

3 d printing make many dreams come true, however, high printer prices and demand for modeling technology for 3 d printing is difficult to enter every household. 3 d printer company Flux on this, developed a suitable for beginners of moderate price and scan – printing machine let everybody has the opportunity to create your own favorite thing in the world.

upon completion of a series of early vision, 3 d printing business now has to pursue the enthusiasm in the early adopters to trade-off between function and mass consumer interest. Flux, a company has just stepped into 3 d printing business after deliberation chose the interest and passion, through the modular design, they made a true novice designers of multi-function equipment available. Their Kickstarter plan released today, the all-in-one machine purchased was quoted at $499, a formal debut was quoted at $599.

Flux using modular technology to all-in-one machine with 3 d scanning, late sculpture, ceramic and print of the four most powerful function of pastry. At the same time, the aircraft open SDK, so 3 d printing players can also be based on Flux system development new functions.

in addition to the modular, Flux of all-in-one compared with other models also have many advantages in other places. Citing its developers, the Flux all-in-one due to his unique modular design of high repairable. And unique bluetooth remote control system, the user friendly, modeling and adjusting software can be compatible with the laptop elegant appearance, makes the machine in the 3 d printing market will usher in a new generation.

despite his low prices, Flux stand in the perspective of users, provides a than existing 3 d printers on the market to attract the customers’ options: their all-in-one. The vast majority of cases, for the general consumer, a laser engraving machine is more practical than 3 d printers, Flux all-in-one. The all-in-one machine can provide a variety of options and likely to provide unlimited function let me aware of Flux machine is not a 3 d printer but a home laboratory.

Flux of the r&d team is composed of a group of entrepreneurs, they have already completed the 30 prototype based on open source technologies. Team early to raise $100000 is expected to bring with them into mass production stage. According to the program team, the first batch of purchase in advance is all-in-one expects all arrived in June 2015.


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