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do you remember we reported a call pan dalai products? With pictures and words instant scenario, do fun social concepts. Team had been a part-time business, tell hunting cloud network team, now they have to stay in the hangzhou tencent business base, full-time team members are all out working, kept the team at this stage all don’t take salary. Entrepreneurship, and so have the momentum.

why do you write them, because they were out of the new product – flowers bear, and pan dalai the big difference is that the previous product, bear partial social interactions more attributes, but the product to express: with the purpose of the picture chat never change! Take the bear’s slogan is, didn’t figure you chat a hair?

as to why not just give up the dalai, pan team tell hunting cloud network, is to want to take care of the old user’s mood, there are flowers pan dalai also began to bear the product promotion page, will try to guide users migrated. Pan da still have their future life, more turn to tool up and do pictures of tool edge tool.

this product take the bear is the evolution of the pan da, inherited the features of the previous dalai pan, still insisting on the tenet of puzzles to share happy, just compared with pan da, interesting greatly enhanced.

element search, and new elements to copy, vast amounts of elements or constantly filling, there are 10000 +. Take the bear team’s words: for example, if you want to search a the sun will appear a (haha). The new features, puzzles cloning is an interesting game, direct users cloning other puzzles for processing, for users beginning ability is not strong, good on the pictures and words also can give prize.

there is a more interesting the game is currently the main flowers bear — painting, how to understand the problem, is that users can participate in the chat topic, but in take a bear is to communicate with the puzzle. There are four play: figure happy, that is, literally. Play live, is a limited demand topic template format. God last is different to the same picture, poking fun at star people love, is a good opportunity to show our imagination. And a private function, the personal nature, can spell a story, or mood diary.

flower bear head told hunting cloud network, now take the bear team a total of 6 people, the product is now only AnZhuoDuan, team has not finance. At present the most important thing is to put the operation smooth, do increase the user activity, temporary not consider financing demand. Now that don’t consider, then the problem comes, puzzle which strong application? Come and see the

flower bears
Time: in October 2014,

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