Flatten the iPhone 6 Plus, americans love big iPhone?

might be expected to flatten the iPhone 6 Plus, listing 1 months later, more and more people are more likely to choose traditional iPhone 6 slightly. Coupled with the wide popularity of Android phones, the iPhone’s dominance will be how to continue?

the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus listed are for a period of time. More and more people believe that as part of their daily use of mobile phones, the new iPhone 6 Plus is a bit big, is not convenient to carry. A new survey data show that the iPhone 6 and Plus the total sales is mainly rely on the 4.7 -inch model. But despite the iPhone 6 “inch iPhone sales Plus in apple’s market share is still represents a large part of it.

on the other hand, for those who are planning to buy apple mobile phone Android users, the mobile phone screen might not be as popular as the experts expected.

consumer intelligence research partners (CIRP) found that in the total sales of the iPhone, the iPhone 6 accounted for 68% of the share, but the iPhone 6 Plus sales accounts for only 23% to 24%.

CIRP survey found that in 2014 from the Google Android platform to the iPhone’s user accounts for only 12% of all iPhone users, compared with last year, 23% of the data, the conversion rate in sharp decline. Previously, the iPhone 5 s from the hands of the blackberry and Windows equipment stole large Numbers of users. But, now? Is not so ideal, more powerful practical Android phone broke the apple consistent dominance.

the above investigation statistics only iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus on sale in America within 30 days after the sales data, and apple itself has not given any sales data for specific models.

CIRP data also show that the two new iPhone models in listed within 4 weeks after sales accounted for 91% of the whole apple mobile phone sales, sales for the rest of the iPhone models from the past. The last apple launched a new mobile phone, the new mobile phone listed in the first month sales accounts for only 84% of the market.

in addition, the CIRP also found buyers for 48 g is the average storage capacity (compared to a year ago) doubled. Corresponding to this is that a new generation of the iPhone provides 16 g, 64 g and 128 g three alternative storage capacity, but skipped the 32 gb of this one.



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