Five comprehension of a line of entrepreneurs: never fantasy investors

a hunting cloud network editor you are very familiar with a line of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship comprehension, summarizes the five today to hear a line from those who really heard, heard gunshot how entrepreneurs think entrepreneurship dalai on this matter.

The first:

never illusions to investors, a newbest entrepreneurs do not need to investors.

The second:

business insoluble does not mean no business, can only say that you didn’t have to think clearly.

the third: service class start-up, must make standardization of products, services as well as physical goods, can see and touch it.


if the eve of the “death” can truly understand your own advantages, the company will be better.


work to have the development mentality, building ground floor, and then open, it will be more and more powerful.

about entrepreneurship comprehension, can continue to focus on cloud network hunting voice project recently compile foreign entrepreneurs. Focus on the first paper, please click the “pay attention to the second please click on the” focuses on the third article, please click on the “fourth article please click on the” sixth article focuses on the fifth article please click on the “please click on the” eighth article focuses on the seventh article please click on the “click”, “ attention to article 9, please click the”

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