Fish main emotions with at home and do some Chinese family robot

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accelerating pace of work, different office separation phenomenon is increasingly serious, children, the old man’s inner loneliness problems began to emerge. Under the reality gap distance cannot span, how to use new technology to eliminate family concerns, enhance the family engagement began creating new business opportunities. Little fish technology is looking at a start-up company here.

the company was established earlier this year, founded jointly by the song myfeng, xing-guo zhao and others, most teams from the well-known companies such as Microsoft, nokia, NORTEL and Polycom and occupies an important position. Among them, the song myfeng has founded 3 d virtual world platform easy city blue sky, after the YY became the general manager YY open platform after the acquisition. Little fish with ideas of science and technology is the speed of light in the at the beginning of the start and venture capital investment and innovation works.

the team to build core product is the company of an intelligent type robot “fish” at home. this product can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc. , for example, parents can through the network to realize the video conversation, view the home in, received emergency report, etc. At present, the products have been in the website began to accept reservation (, which will be officially on sale in January 2015, the price is 2999 yuan.

fingerling son technology CEO song myfeng

the song myfeng revealed in an interview with hunting cloud network, gave rise to the business idea is closely related to itself has encountered problems. During a YY work most of the time he is in guangzhou, but his wife and children in Beijing, my parents and all the year round in foreign countries, this kind of circumstance, how to let the child can always feel the warmth of home, really is a headache problem, song myfeng effect is still not good after tried many ways, this also prompted him to go to do a support the idea of communication products, and the user groups gathered in the family.

this with the traditional “interrupt type” telephone communication efficient and rapid demand different pursuit, family communication needs to have more emotional attachment element, song myfeng put this is sometimes called “remote” company experience, can let them feel the love in the process of communication, it is also the starting point of fish products at home and core appeal . “Intelligent with robot, we do want to use this product to cut to close the distance between people, and the distance between the family, can let two even if he is not a city family, neighbours become distant relatives.”

in the process, how to use the product to close relatives, the affection between the increased frequency and length of communication between people and their relatives, this is to maintain and build the foundation of the future family.

based on the core, the first generation of small fish at home product configuration of the 360 – degree rotating hd camera and 9.6 -inch touch screen, is based on the depth of the android custom voice interaction, remote control, intelligent remind, security encryption and other services. Networking conditions can be recorded with intelligent, rotating chase, video call, no answer. Not only that, based on large data algorithm support, small fish at home also has automatic learning function, to alert to emergency in the home, etc.

look from product use scene, is not only a old man, video conversations between parents and their children, the extension to multiple family members form the family circle, can automatically record what happened in the home, let parents don’t at home can also view at any time by phone. if the child is crying and the old man for help, home to the stranger, small fish will contact in a timely manner to the master at home. In addition, the small fish at home have smart extensible voice interaction platform provides a series of daily life based on voice service, such as weather query, information consulting, cloud music playback, etc. Fish at home will keep on learning, thus the need for family members to make intelligent decisions, such as a father, at half past eight in the morning in the living room, the little fish at home through the camera capture and recognition of a face after than the previous time to work, can be combined with PM2.5 kokomo information to remind go out wearing a mask.

the song myfeng tell cloud network, hunting fish hope to bring extreme price user experience at home, at present, the products will cost thousands of dollars on the market the enterprise audio&video communication experience into the home. Although at this stage, the fish is the company’s main products at home, but the company did not expect to simply to make money by selling this kind of hardware products, the future more business model will be established in the follow-up service link.

at the beginning of the product set up, the little fish at home is based on the depth of the android system customization to build suitable for family backend service of ecological system, and based on the algorithm of data mining and learning to gradually thorough understanding to the family needs, thus pushing more personalized service. at present, xing-guo zhao key is responsible for the software and service operation. He was once a song myfeng during the Microsoft colleagues for many years, and occupies an important position in Polycom.

on surrounding the value-added services to explore, fish will try to do more at home in the future, such as family health care and education, etc.

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