First you want long-term wearing smart meter: Withings Activite

as long as my hand what is wearing a fresh thing, people around you always ask this ask that. Colleagues will wonder what smart it is watch, or bracelet. Girl friend ask me why it looks so ugly, then I will reluctantly took off. There are so few, such as Moto 360, wearing when asked by strangers on the street or in the subway is the watches they guess. (” yes, yes, is it; Well, it is quite handsome; Sorry is not convenient to borrow you wear “… )

no one will ask me about Withings Activite. Anyway, it looks like regular tables.

this watch I have wore for a week. It is a standard of wrist watch, bracelet is intelligence. It can track your sleep patterns, steps and activities, priced at $450, really beautiful: carefully polished sapphire table cover, leather, stainless steel. From the point of appearance, it with the traditional watch.

it completely is what you want, without any specific place. We can’t peep smart watches from it – because it is not even smart watches in the future. It is just a piece of table, looks more like a century ago the ancient timepieces than Apple Watch. And Activite, or similar products, is doomed to be almost watch industry trend in the future.

Activite (pronounced Ac – ti – vi – TAY) origin of Switzerland. “Swiss Made” (Swiss) two words on it long white list box has written three times, there are two tables. In addition to the factors of marketing gimmick, swiss-made really is a very thing: “Swiss Made” this identity is under the control and filtering of Swiss government ability is qualified to use, only the elaborate design, excellent quality of the highest clock way to win the title.

this honor, Activite is well-deserved. Its beautiful appearance, assembly is rigorous, and watch body was pretty tough. It almost completely cover the dial on the exterior of the stainless steel dome sapphire, almost not visible from the front. When I was in June and Withings CEO, Cedric Hutchings filed this watch, he repeatedly stressed with me, and to use the hyperbolic glass off the table, according to the glass surface reflection. When later several positive direct light to the glass surface, I didn’t understand what he meant. Although in most parts of the surface, unless I look from the front, hyperbolic glass will only reflect more to see the hour. I don’t mind anyway – I am particularly fond of the dial of this watch tactility, smooth, rounded. I would hope to Activite can be thinner more flat.

I to Activite only complaint is that it is too thick. Hooked on my sleeve, thick enough to coat, or an unfortunate stood next to me on the subway of cables. I didn’t say it, it’s body is too thick. In fact it is only 36.3 mm in diameter and weighs 37 grams, men and women with money. I even think that consumers are more likely to think it is too small.

give me the measurement of this Activite only in brown leather strap also thin and fine workmanship, and obviously better than last year I bought my Seiko watches a lot better than the leather strap. Currently the strap is only men and women make code, and my wrist is average thickness (strict) was wearing. Withings, the amazing thing is that their products are the same with the men and women all appropriate no acosmia feeling. But should also have a lot of people think that the attached strap not appropriate.

on the black and white circular dial Activite, there are two dial. First and ordinary clocks and watches as the hour (but not including the date, that I was sorry). The dial concise beautiful, on the edge of a circle with a total of 12 scale, with Withings logo at the bottom of the twelve o ‘clock, at about six o ‘clock the reads “Swiss Made” two words. (don’t forget the somebody else is Switzerland? I bet you won’t forget! In the right of the dial, and the other a dial. It also has the scale, but from one to one hundred. This is Activite watch body only one can make you realize that it is a high-tech product, also because the dial, it is no longer just an ordinary watch.

if you have the iPhone, Activite can watch the data synchronization via bluetooth to Withings’ health monitoring applications. (heard that Android version is coming soon. This is the place where the watch high-tech. So no matter when you wear a watch, it will track your activities: your steps, sleeping, swimming and so on. It is not a professional fitness equipment, it is a simple track.

you can’t see its working process. The only visible is the second on the dial pointer changes between from 0 to 100, tells you what percentage you today’s goal is reached. Within five minutes after setting (such things as you need to use a paper clip to start the watch and will watch to connect to your iPhone, then turn the dial on the phone to adjust the time on the watch – after that you will no longer need to do any work on the watch. All set, each phone’s personalized Settings, there is a lot of background work Activite, automatically. I really hope I can have more opportunities to adjust the watch… Of course I don’t think it’s now working mode is also very good.

the design of the watch that you will always wearing it, never leave. Its batteries (really just ordinary watch battery life for eight months, while the boxes also throw in a spare battery. This watch is waterproof, wearing bathing it completely no problem. But, of course, you have to change your leather strap to the silicon TAB with boxes. After it has a silent alarm clock function, point-to-point will vibrate, so you can wear it to sleep. But I never wear a watch only sleep: sleep wearing such cold metal watch I will be difficult to fall asleep. In addition, this alarm clock is really annoying. You can’t turn it off, you have seen their vibration 30 seconds it on your wrist, such as automatic stop. In it vibrate when I really can give it directly to the room on the other side – really, don’t laugh, especially early in the morning is so annoying.

to keep track of all your activities, you are must be some health monitoring applications. Application has a very sweet and lovely chart record in your activities and sleep time, when you achieve your goals will also send you badges. You can also add buddy on Withings application, competing with each other who go far or thin. If you still use Withings indicators at the same time, Pulse fitness wristbands or Aura of sleep tracking device, they can help you to record more accurate and more comprehensive data, then the summary to the health monitoring applications. It can also import data from the RunKeeper and similar applications, and then sent to the Apple Health applications. The more you accumulate data records, health monitoring application can play its role. It can tell you the path of the today is less than your average walk every Wednesday, or you need more exercise to improve the quality of sleep. You can also give the application programming, let it remind you drink more water, sleep early, and so on. These remind just like your mother every night when he called you to sleep, I personally very like. This reference was not particularly impressive, but it has all the features you need, but also in constant improvement.

but, of course, these applications are actually and Activite doesn’t matter too much, the only contact is of watch will put all of the data record and input system. It is on the surface of the sapphire crystal glass touch device, after finger touch, pointer position will change, pointing to set make confirmation of your time. The surface of the glass is also the only one who can control a watch and to touch. In a sense this is very inconvenient, because all control you through your mobile phone, even the adjustment time. But the design is very practical. Because Activite is just a rigid data recorder, you never need to upgrade it to get new features. Withings can upgrade the firmware of the watches make reading more and more accurate, but it can also upgrade Withing application do all things. Most smart watches, especially high price to a certain extent after will encounter a problem: why do I want to buy a more than one thousand in one year after the upgrade of the watch? Activite I wouldn’t have a problem… Because it does not do anything, don’t even try. Your phone will update a year later, Withings will update its application more than once, and with the application of updated quickly improve the performance of your watch.


Activite worth learning place lies in, join data records stored inside a function is actually quite simple. It will reduce battery life, but you don’t have much impact. That, of course, also do not need to watch any changes on design or compromise. This basically is a process of adding, just don’t do any changes, will let you the meaning of the wrist band that watch is no longer in a monotonous clock.

if the things that smart watches, that it is I have seen the most “intelligent” smart watches. Activite real significance is that it shows the watch to enter the market in the future the minimum chip, a similar clock looks similar to the price shall be the minimum bottom line. Now that the watch can be as alarm call you get up, so why can’t it to silent mode of vibration? Why can’t I go swimming, change the strap is wearing watches in the water, before launching process and let it tracks my swimming? The obvious is feasible. And personally, I think, these functions will catch on quickly, like the second hand. Rolex, Timex and Bulgari these designer has completed the most difficult part: make an appearance elegant watch. Withings did, and it is proved that do the other part – the part of the high-tech, don’t need to make any compromise on the beautiful.

yes, just see the price, many people will lose interest. But if you want to buy a good watch, so this is the default choice. But don’t cry because it is “the best” is the latest to spend $450 to buy a piece of Withings Activite, also don’t because it has the function of the unprecedented, or if you want to and friends to show off to buy it. This watch both high-tech and as a traditional watch it all done very in position. It will give you the feeling of your love is a cherish watch, but not you buy on a whim, in a year or two on the shelf. So few people will recognize this watch, and they will tell you it is a good watch, not with you about your wrist cool what bracelet or a computer.

smart watches from the mainstream market still has a long way to go. But if it is a “smart” watches? Anyway, I’ll take it.



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