First: I am a short video + private chat strangers video dating TV station

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if you think you still can’t afford to drum courage with “near” to love a girl, don’t want to hard points like to match the “heart”. Use first, then, may ease you think social cower can’t network chat up heart again.

first 30 seconds is a short video dating television station, the main stranger short video social concepts. Introduce dating with video hosting, not limited to take life, interests and hobbies. “NO PS photo” also shows a certain friends sincerely.

video can be recorded, also can use a good video. Hunting cloud network found that, in fact, most of the female users choose beauty shoot a short video content do more filled in. To some extent, display effect is better than the integrity of the first take.

at present in order to ensure the authenticity and security video users. The team will be human review photos and video. The partial measure the content of the red line will be filtered out.

in other micro video display social applications, first on the user communication is not set too much match to “chat. Each user after see the opposite sex video display, can be in the lower right corner, click on the chat IM communication into the interface. But as for the girls back to don’t reply to return to “see face age”.

so, while chatting to the user without barrier at first, but in the initial strike up a conversation topic in software has advantages such as no heartbeat. Heart personalized labels, interested in talent can match point like each other. But it also sustains the requirements of the opposite sex more to show themselves in the first, how to upload video and pictures, show adequately oneself, to get the opposite sex user attention.

in addition to the above, interesting is that at first, he set up a class in every video display link “time hourglass”, which is not easily in a short period of time don’t make decisions in the see the opposite sex user information. Personal discovery in dating in radio concept, make a video, select a time period, will be pushed to the opposite sex with strangers. Set the time period take video will showcase.

team, founder Liang Yan have Internet 10 years relevant working experience. Once Ren Shiji company wireless mobile terminal product managers, vancl “every guest’s got talent” product manager, has rich experience social products. Technology partners LingZhen former alibaba pay treasure technical architect, citic network technology architects. Proficient in the Java language and related open source framework. Another technical partner BiXiaoLin IOS/Android/Windows phone senior development engineer, the original alibaba pay treasure to purse the client master cheng, senior engineer 3. Worked at MOTOROLA (China), the United States Fastmobile, handheld smart companies, etc. Rich in the experience of mobile development.

maybe Internet startup is to see whether the tuyere. Tell hunting cloud network team, prior to the first team and a product dating APP quickly. Voice is a video for the integration of the love dating application, but the product belongs to the private, there has been no online. Form is voice also not video. First official rendering is improved. So come now love url has to jump to the officer, officer, micro update also stopped. Devoted to devoted to have been listed, the stranger dating market new situation: short video + private chat, can be the next outlet?


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