First film ferry people start, ali pictures play began to emerge

(wen xuan/day)

since June 2014, announced the acquisition of a 60% stake in China Hong Kong listed company culture, then renamed ali pictures and attract CFG stake executives after joining as CEO zhang qiang, ali pictures started a new journey. After preparation of the past, ali pictures, the first official public disputes.

today, ali pictures, announced by the pitch of the movie project “ferry people”, the film will be held by a famous director wong kar-wai producer, jia-jia zhang served as the director, the famous actor Tony leung as actor. This is not only the company changed its name after the first film project, is also the alibaba group into the film and television entertainment culture after the first full mastership film products, therefore also pay more attention.

ali pictures CEO zhang qiang, said as alibaba group in the field of culture, film and television entertainment business mainly to undertake, future ali pictures will be on the Internet and big data business development origin, build to user needs as the starting point of innovation, accelerate the culture resources integration and business development work, build new culture of industry chain operation mode.

alibaba group had been determined, the future will be “happy” and “health” as the main body of strategic planning, and in the content production and distribution, video playback, and made a lot of home entertainment building layout, ali and pictures will be its flagship in the field of culture, film and television entertainment business.

while the appearance of the ferry people can be seen as ali pictures, product line, which consists of a good story as the carrier, is cast with a line written and directed, super cast as forms of product development and operating system, and finally form the audience demand as the core of culture operation.

as the adjustment of business and resources integration and ali pictures product development work also in orderly progress. According to relevant personage, in the list of ali pictures, product development, many movies and TV product development progress has accelerated, is expected in the future, the company will have more products are available. At present, in addition to the ferryman project, ali pictures has bought the princess huanzhu adaptations of novels and movies “Wolf totem” overseas distribution, and so on. Not only around the popular IP acquisitions, ali pictures, also obtained the wong kar-wai, Peter chan and Stephen chow quality director is the future of the right of priority investment of the project, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the director.

big data as the core, to build the whole chain business ecological

in addition to product development and operational aspects of a comprehensive upgrade, ali pictures more will gradually start to the Internet as a technology, under the precondition of big data operations in ecological chain industry development.

the industry recognized as the world’s largest electric business platform and mobile e-commerce platform, ali group with vast accumulation in the field of big data. And according to these data mining and the development, will become the core competitiveness of the ali pictures. IT also conforms to the ma for industry by the IT to DT (video) data era of core development demands.

with the support of big data technology, ali pictures to deep mining of mainstream movie crowd consumption demand, consumption habits, such as demographic attributes information. In film dispersing pertains to the means of big data for project selling point and publicity channels, improve marketing arrival rate and conversion rate.

in addition, in the field of development of derivatives, ali pictures will be sent to you by ali data master big movie user demand for derivatives, to user needs as the starting point, cooperate with the merchants of alibaba platform, using the merchant’s experience to develop the audience favorite derivatives.

in the aspects of production and, ali pictures will also develop C2B (tailored to customer needs as the core business and industry) of the model, through the alibaba group’s large data, cloud computing, data analysis and electric business platform, based on the data analysis, product design and can meet the demand of the masses of the film and television. In the future, ali pictures may also be specific consumers make customized products, for example, on the basis of property analysis of specific consumer groups, make conform to different generations, different types, different areas of demand of film.

according to the related resources integration planning, ali pictures will be attached and with the help of alibaba group, the industry in order to perfect the Internet ecosystem, through to the electronic commerce, social networking, interactive entertainment, LBS value-added services, video distribution platform and payment platform, and other important business integration and coordination of the plates, constitute O2O closed-loop movie marketing model.

zhang qiang, said the improved offline channels of the inherent advantages, ali pictures electric business platform will be the important ticket sales channels and film propaganda media, make full use of the flow of taobao for the movie, and through the pay treasure to platform to attract users to buy the tickets.

at present, the pictures are and taobao ali movie together, build a new set of product sales system, optimize the online reservation booking to improve marketing efficiency and film, the development of electricity and the depth of the culture industry cross-border cooperation models, to perfect the traditional pattern of film dispersing pertains and ticketing and supplement.

this means that, ali pictures, business scope will be limited to the field of content production, but to use the Internet technology and distribution channels, implement product more gradient development, the content and the content innovation, investment, production and distribution, as well as derivatives, and other areas of the business development, realizing the industrial chain to use ali group has both advantages and build a complete business ecosystem.


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