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social will eventually returned to the offline, based on the same two people of interest have topic to talk more. Fireflies want to cut is: through the platform activities to attract people to communicate and find more friends through activities.

fireflies to do activities social platform based on interest. But for now, it is more partial tool properties. Solution is found that activities, push service. Is the activity of an intelligent recommendation assistant.

on the registered users can check the interested in the activities of the channel, based on user interest tags near the recommended activities. Allows the user to share a key activities and send invitation letter to a friend.

fireflies and an interesting feature, cellphone users to enter a compass to find active patterns of real landscape of priority to recommend near the upcoming activities. This function does not do very practical activity of the preparation. Interested in can open at any time to find at any time.

the firefly has not yet been paid for an activity to pay closed loop, should be directed to a third party is complete, the future will join application within the payment function.

founder fireflies alvin wang graylin contact entrepreneurs, founded in the early Ming after the search. Also made a location based social network relation network platform, the platform won a Singapore telecommunications Innov8 and DFJ investment.

the current domestic social platform of products is also not a few do activities, watercress city on activity platform or have a strong appeal. PC sites such as activity, activist, magic network also has its own exclusive user base. Service number to play the WeChat activities from organization in Beijing through interesting no moral integrity activity organization also cultivate a group of loyal users. For fireflies, rich platform activity at the same time, develop early users and participation enthusiasm and loyalty is something to consider at this stage.

products: firefly

time: in May 2014,

company: penetration of information technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.


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