Fingers gently, the understanding of American politics “conspiracy” and “Yang”

no matter you are like politics, politician, or teeth to endure the politics, it affects our daily life. Smartphone is a can let you understand load political events “artifact” at any time.

in The United States, to ensure that The time to understand directly from The top is The best way to political affairs by means of The official application – The White House. It on iOS and Android system is free, and it will provide a lot of news reports, such as briefing room press conference.

you might think that it is dominated by a committee in the embarrassment of “conspiracy”, but also is easy to manage is not? You just remember: it provides all the information from the White House’s perspective.

if you want to listen to other’s point of view, you can check The Congressional Record. The application both in terms of appearance or from The feeling than The White House is a lot, and it has been a long time not updated. However, it is still running normally, and at any time to provide you with the congress journal entry, including the recent meetings to discuss the Daily Digest. Don’t count on the summary of the layman and glib comments. In addition, The Congressional Record only free on iOS.

if you want to the fast pace of the American Politics, then on the iOS free Politics says Today is a good choice. He can learn from a lot of Twitter feeds on collecting news, and give a person the sense of a dynamic cycle on a social network.

it is generally can be divided into such as “news”, “freedom”, “conservative politicians” and so on of a few kinds, it opens at these classifications “the recent news”, you will see a bar and other online resources; It opens at one you can turn to the source of resources. If you are interested in a subject, you can find the corresponding political news very simply.

but put so much information so detailed classification is sometimes understand a bit chaotic. Remember, this app is only connected to the Internet to get the latest information.

Countable would provide political news, but it has some additional charge. In addition to simple summary on the White House and the senate bill recently, it also lists some views for and against government measures. You can even directly to the senator or representative communicate your views on bill has not yet been decided. Countable operation is flexible and easy to use, it can clear up to convey your point of view. In addition, it is also free on iOS.

if you want to know a different point of view of global political problems, I highly recommend The Economist, too. It is most suitable for use on the device, of course, is also no problem on the Android system. The app itself is free, but if you want to gain full access, you need a subscription. Specific cost depends on your choice, but at least $7, too.

use PolitiFact Mobile, you can check for accuracy of a politician’s comments, this app on iOS and Android system using need to pay $2. Below we introduce another magical application – way – O – Meter, it can detect a politician in the near future the authenticity of the speech.

The Tampa Bay Times department running The app. The comments in the application are based on facts, it can also provide you with a neat and attractive charts are summarized. You can also see the latest rating, choose only to see the truth or a lie, you can also see from individuals and subject to classification rating respectively.

PolitiFact is very interesting, charming, and sometimes a little depressed. Most crucially, it can help the audience free thinking, when I hear the political debate is not only dependent on the politician’s comments and other political commentator.

if you are interested in deep thinking, so you can use the Logical Fallacies to learn some politicians who make up the story, it’s $1 on iOS, this app can help you to identify the suspect. For example, consider the idea that “milk is essential for healthy bones.” (in fact is not the case, it is calcium is good to the bone. Milk contains calcium, but also have many other food.)

in Android applications Rhetological Fallacies to use more simple, but it is also summarized with clever words to twist all the methods of logic. It is also a lot of examples, and completely free.

to enjoy political with these applications. Charles DE Gaulle was pointed out that “serious politics is reserved for a politician.”

Source: NYT

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