Financing hui 】 【 a week: startups drones, P2P Beepi used car

New Year the first weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circles in recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, the day pigeon interaction for $13.97 million in hangzhou and grain

hangzhou grain science and technology ( is a focus on health management, mobile health information technology developers, software, remote monitoring, provide a wide range of health services, etc. The company has obtained 13.97 million yuan A day pigeon interaction round of investment, transfer of 26.28% shares, which become the second largest shareholder at hangzhou and grain.

2, hundred million as A GGV capital $10 million series A investment

Ehang million navigation ( is a technology research and development, product has Ghost intelligent air robot, etc. GGV investment. Recent hunting cloud network put, the depth interview Xiong Yi refer readers to the follow-up report.

3, mass new used car for $ten million series A investment

new used car ( is A quality O2O mode used cars retail terminal services platform, to provide second-hand car purchase, sales, after-sales maintenance and related financial and insurance products integrated services, the company in June for peace innovation investment fund series A investment of ten million yuan.

4, from the net the eagle fund led millions RMB Pre – A round

from the network ( is a WeChat and web based recruitment service accounts, make enterprise internal recommend ways for recruitment. Beijing hundred million macro modest technology co., LTD. Its products. At present, from the net the eagle fund led millions RMB Pre – A round of investment.

5, all car received A $20 million round of investment in China and weft source capital led

all cars ( is a main personal options used car trade service platform, through professional inspection to completely eliminate accident car/blisters, provide the comprehensive assessment for every car, support will buy after warranty service, etc. Beijing car everyone’s product information technology co., LTD. At present, all cars get partners China and source of capital for $20 million series A investment.

the foreign company

1, the video conference service platform MeetonVC finished 203000 pounds of the raise funds

MeetonVC ( was founded in 2012, is a British provide cloud video conference service startup, can let the people in different countries to enjoy high quality mobile conference service, the company has won 203000 pounds in CrowdCube to raise funds.

2, India gained $3 million investment in online education platform SuperProfs

SuperProfs ( was founded in 2001, is an Indian online education platform, which can realize the seamless docking between students and professors, curriculum is the main features of all content in the form of the high-definition video taped. The company has received $300000 venture Capital, by IDG Ventures India and Kalaari Capital joint investment.

3, used car P2P trading platform Beepi received $12.7 million B round

Beepi ( was founded in 2013, is a P2P model of second-hand car trading service platform, Beepi promised the owner can provide used car sold within 30 days, and get at least $1000 in revenue, or Beepi will buy this car. The company has received $12.7 million B round of investment, by yuri milner, Scott baumer and AngelList joint investment.

4, daily necessities Instacart grocery delivery service for $210 million C wheel investment

Instacart ( was founded in 2012, is one of the main “one hour delivery” mobile shopping platforms, hatch is also 2012 summer YC team. At present the main daily groceries such as cooked foods, such as alcohol and tobacco, fusi, selected items from the local grocery store, and then release to mobile phones, users can buy goods directly from the APP.

5, personalized recommend dining service MangoPlate won A round of investment

MangoPlate ( was established in April 2013, South Korea’s a start-up company providing personalized recommend food and beverage service, users can according to the editor and a prominent blogger recommend looking for personal favorite dishes and restaurants. The company completed A round of funding, in October by SparkLabs Global Ventures and Softbank Ventures Chesapeake joint investment.

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